Thursday, May 03, 2012


Quick story.

During St. Catherine of Genoa's lifetime, the canonical penalty of interdict was used more frequently, usually to bring dioceses in line with the reigning Lord Bishop's wishes.  I can't recall the circumstances, but the district Catherine lived in was placed under interdict - so the sacraments were not celebrated, which meant Catherine could not attend Mass or receive daily Communion.  (Something unusual for a lay person of her day anyway.)  So she went outside her district/diocese and received at another church, in another diocese.  Which makes me think that the penalty of interdict is territorial, while excommunication is universal. 

I don't know for sure. 

Cool photo though.  It's from a Bunuel film.


  1. From "Simon of the Desert"?

  2. Father Joe8:55 PM

    I thought it might be from "The Milky Way."

  3. The site I found it on was talking about L'Âge d'Or - but maybe it was the Milky Way?

  4. I checked, it is L'Âge d'Or.

  5. Thanks, Terry. I haven't seen that one.

  6. Father Joe7:05 AM

    Me neither! Will check it out, though.


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