Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bully: Thoughts from Fr. Barron

This is the very first video I have ever watched by Fr. Barron.

If I could respond to Fr. Barron I might say something like this:  "On the other hand, I sort of considered bullying an initiation rite all its own."  I'm sure that's wrong though.

One thing for certain, boys need good male role models.

h/t DB


  1. Are you kidding me?

    "Get your son in touch with a good role model"

    That's the role of the father. Not some outsider.

    Btw, bullying can be an initiation. Or at least it was for me. The first fight I was ever in was with a kid who bullied me until a friend in fourth grade said "hit him back". I did, and did not stop until he was a bloody mess. Which by the way is the best way to cure a bully. Kick his butt.

  2. LTG - I actually agree with you on this - it is the point I often try to make. I realize there are extreme cases of bullying when intervention needs to take place. As for male role models - it should be the dad - but now with single parent families it's a crap shoot.

  3. I'm glad you agree. It doesn't happen often.

  4. I haven't seen the movie yet and am wondering if it treats girl bullies? Maybe because my oldest is a girl and I coach girls basketball, but I saw more of this with girls with a lead bully and the other followers who laugh at her jokes to the misfortune of the one being bullied, who is often the rival of the lead bully. I think there is some aspect of narcissism most often behind bullying, such that the bully lacks sensitivity or awareness as to how their fun or teasing behavior affects another. I guess a male role model would help with this with either a boy or a girl, particularly the male role model of Jesus Christ, right?!

  5. Colleen - I was thinking about how this applies to mean girls all day. Narcissism works, more deeply it is a question of charity.

  6. Fr Barron seem to have a plethora of opinions, on just about every thing, doesn't he? Another celebrity priest. God help him...


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