Friday, March 23, 2012

This is weird... The St. John's Retreat and CALGM - a closer look.

The Guestmaster at St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota, Fr. Bob Pierson O.S.B. sent a letter announcing that a very strange LGBT retreat, sponsored by the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministries had been cancelled: 
Dear Mr. X: Thank you for your message. After reviewing the content of the retreat, it is clear that the program is not consistent with the purpose and mission of the Abbey Guesthouse. Therefore, the retreat has been cancelled.
Oddly enough, the Guestmaster happens to be the treasurer for the board of directors of CALGM, yet from the sound of the letter cited here, Fr. Pierson gives the impression he did not know the 'content' of the retreat program.  His letter sounds to me as if he only learned about the program after people complained that it was not Catholic.  That strikes me as unlikely.

I've since learned from blogs I am not permitted to link to, that Fr. Pierson has a bit of a history, more or less summed up by a commenter on one site, who wrote:
The monk Fr Bob Pierson who was the contact person for this retreat is also Treasurer for the sponsoring organization "Catholic Association of Lesbian and Gay Ministry" and almost all the other board members of this group can be verified online to be involved in other organizations explicitly in favor of homosexual "marriage"; at least one board member (an "inferfaith minister") performs same sex ceremonies. Based on web searching, the retreat leader Bob Pileggi is apparently a fallen away Catholic, has been a staff member of the pro-gay-marriage "Lambda Legal Defense Fund" for outreach and as coordinator of "The Marriage Project", and he also offers his services as an interfaith minister conducting custom weddings and other ceremonies clearly including same sex "weddings".
St. John's has always been known to be gay friendly/embracing.  One might recall a protest staged there against Archbishop Nienstedt and his stance against redefining marriage, the protesters once again using the reception of Holy Communion as a political weapon.  That article can be found here: Homosexual Activists Confront Archbishop at College Mass.


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