Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Excuse me! Excuse me! Ah, Ms. Johnson, so you are a lesbian and a Buddhist then, right?

Imagine that.  Politicizing your own mother's funeral. 

Sounds as if Barbara Johnson is not just a lesbian Buddhist - which means she is not a practicing Catholic -  but the woman appears to be something of an activist for pro-gay/pro-abortion rights.  Unbelievable?  Thomas Peters has the story:
News Outlets Failed to Reveal Lesbian Denied Communion at Mother’s Funeral … is a Buddhist and Gay Rights Activist. 
What’s that? Johnson is a self-professed Buddhist? No wonder she describes herself as a “student of … Buddhist philosophy” on her website
So what was she doing presenting herself for Communion at her mother’s funeral if she apostatized? Why has she failed to mention this important fact in all of her appearances on the media? 
Could it be, quite simply, because she herself has a political agenda? 
It’s very evident, for instance, that coming out is a big deal for Johnson. She insisted on coming out to the principal in the story mentioned above. All of which would add credence to the claims published in LifeSiteNews that Johnson came out to Fr. Marcel before the service began (the account given in LifeSiteNews also explains why Fr. Marcel did not attend the burial). Frankly, I think if any sort of deeper investigation was conducted into what actually happened a very different picture would emerge. - Read the entire post here.

I fully agree with Peters when he writes:
I, for one, am tired of activists such as Barbara Johnson. A woman who used the very death of her mother for a political, anti-Catholic purpose. A woman who ran to the media with her story and an agenda while failing, for instance, to reveal that she no longer considers herself Catholic and evidently knows that this could pose a problem for her.

Obviously, some people would sell their own mother to get what they want. 

UPDATE:  Fr. Z has a good post on the issue and the com box responses are even better.  Go here: Call me overly suspicious...  I expecially liked this comment:
AnAmericanMother says:
First we’ve got this ‘lesbian Buddhist activist’ –
Then we’ve got that ’30 year old Georgetown co-ed’ –
Even Blind Freddy could see the pattern here . . . . these people are agitators, pure and simple, and the Church is their target right now.
I would add; And especially faithful priests are their targets.


  1. Terry, you never fail to post the right image with the right caption.

  2. Ha! Thanks Christopher.

  3. Yes, I read this earlier and the "News Outlets" need to be made very aware of this overlooked fact. As should the Archdiocese which threw Father Marcel under the bus.

  4. A "student of Buddhist philosophy."

    Thomas Merton?

    Fact is, Peters' little rant doesn't provide any new facts- just lots of his opinion.

    (Valuable opinion, as this is personal for him too- he is employed by NOM. Nice bit of propaganda, this, no?)

  5. Thom, do you really have any doubt that this woman did all this in order to call attention to herself and to her cause?

    Clearly this woman had no business receiving communion if she is so public about all these things.

  6. I read an interesting comment on another blog from a Lesbian fallen away Catholic who in her wisdom said, "when you are in their house (catholic church) you have to play by their rules" You go to sup at someone's house as a guest you abide by and respect their rules (even if they are different from your own). If you don't like the house rules in the Roman Catholic Church regarding reception of holy communion, you can go to your local Episcopal Church or UCC.

  7. Servus: or better yet, Metropolitan Community Church for the ex-catholic-now-buddhist-pro-lgbtq-person.

  8. When your Mantra is the old theme song at Burger King:
    HAVE IT YOUR WAY!! or that great hymn so reflective of modern day religion: I DID IT MY WAY!!!!!!! sing it FRANK!!

    because really that's what modern "religion" is all about isn't it? ALL ABOUT ME! WHAT ABOUT ME AND MY NEEDS? and then they twist their neck toward you eyes glaring and give that Church lady look and sneer, "IS THAT WHAT JESUS WOULD DO?!?!" UGH!!

    Yes, Doughboy The local Metropolitan Community TEMPLE would fit the bill but if you go to the Episcopal Church you can chant, burn incense and carry on...

  9. Mercury: Yes I doubt it very much.

  10. Then, Thom, what do you think happened? I'm just wondering how you view this story, and what you think the priest should have done.


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