Monday, March 19, 2012

Body, body, body...

Loving the body retreat. 
A retreat sponsored by the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry to be held at St. John’s Abbey Guesthouse in Collegeville, MN, facilitated by Bob Pileggi.

This retreat is for LGBT folks and their allies to connect to God and themselves through the body. Life has given us this great gift of a body. We can open more to God's love, acceptance and guidance by having a fuller experience of the body; by appreciating it. Various religious teachings might tell us to deny the body in order to get closer to God; this retreat will be healing from that idea - offering us renewed love for our body, self and God. Reconnect to your body in a compassionate way; feel rejuvenation; and open to more empowered self-expression. And in the process learn some simple spiritual practices that have foundations in most of the world's major religions (awareness, breathing, mindful movement, etc.) that you can use on your own at home and share with others.
I suppose it's kind of like yoga.  It's so  incarnational.

So who is Bob Pileggi?  I found this on a former retreatant's website:
I’ve known Bob for several years and know that he’s studied A Course in Miracles.** I don’t know if he thought of the passage in the Course that defines a teacher of God as someone who “has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s” - but that is exactly what he did.

I realized that when I undress another man and allow him to undress me – as I have in workshops and private sessions in erotic spirituality and as I will at the Edward Carpenter Community’s Gay Men’s Week this September (The Dance Between Power and Intimacy) – we are creating the sacred space in which we can use erotic energy to transcend ego and come into a new relationship with Spirit.

The other men of the retreat may not have realized that we were in sacred space, but the message of the Course was present: “God’s Son is guiltless, and in his innocence is his salvation.” In any moment when we connect with our innocence we connect with the Divine... - Sunfire's Weblog
I'm told Fr. Richard Rohr offers more conventional naked retreats, read about that here:  CatholicCulture: Coloring Outside the Lines

Yep.  So, this is what I meant the other day when I wrote: "I will not be surprised if more than a few bishops and priests ultimately end up compromising on same sex marriage/civil unions just as some of their their predecessors had done on the issue of conscience and contraception."  Gay is already very much accepted in the Church.  Especially now that so many have relatives and friends who are gay.

**Although a friend of Schucman, Thetford, and Wapnik, Benedict J. Groeschel has since criticized ACIM and the related organizations. Finding some elements of the Course to be what he called, "severe and potentially dangerous distortions of Christian theology", he wrote that the Course is “a good example of a false revelation”[ and that “it has . . . become a spiritual menace to many.” - Wiki

H/T to Creative Minority Report and Pewsitter

Photo:  Bob Pileggi


  1. who oversees Collegeville? I'm sad

  2. "It's so incarnational" hahaha!

    By the way, what is it with the really liberal Catholics who insist on leaving out the definite article when it's normally used? "relationship with Spirit", "do Church", "celebrate Eucharist" ... isn't LarryD an expert on this kind of stuff? Maybe he knows ...

    Also, I think "LGBT" is a hilarious term. It's so deliberately inclusive in the sense of a bunch of groups who want attention that they can only compromise on a ridiculous awkward term.

    It's like a sign I saw when all the Occupy stuff was going on, a booth for "People of Color and LGBT/Queer People of Color," as if the gay people of color were not people of color? Can't leave anyone out!

    My favorite one is the monument to the homosexual killed in the Holocaust in Berlin - It features a video of two guys kissing, but the lesbians complained at the city council, and now it gives equal time to two men kissing and two women kissing, even though there is scant evidence of lesbians being systematically persecuted by the Nazis - but hey, at least it's politically correct!

  3. I thought at first this was another Chris West post.

    Merc - progressive-speak tends to change nouns into verbs - all part of "active participation". Not only that, they like things vague and non-specific, which allows them to redefine things as they go along, and they're super-big on acronyms.

  4. Wait a minute ... are they going to have Mass at this thing?

  5. I also don't see how Fr. Groeschel could have EVER had his name associated with this "Course in Miracles" thing.

  6. Mercury - read Fr. Groeschel's book A Small Still Voice, he has a chapter commenting on Helen Schucman and the development of the Course in Miracles. He was a student of Helen while studying at Columbia where she was a professor. The whole episodes surrounding the writings of the Course is an odd one and dovetails in m.o. as another 'channeled' message that has links to another Prof. and university in the midwest, The Urantia Papers, that is now, like the Course in Miracles, organized, promoted and sending out disciples to preach.

    From all I have read about Fr. Groeschel & the Course, he was not in favor or the writings.

  7. Fr. Groeschel had a very liberal education yet managed to preserve the dogma of faith through it all.

  8. Thanks pml. Yes, Terry, I know he went to Columbia, an he must have seen some crap in religious houses up through the 70s and 80s. But Fr. Groeschel is solidly orthodox, though sone trads hate, hate, hate him.

    He's a psychologist, but understood from a Christian perspective. I understand that some FSSP priests deny the existence of psychology period, and claim it is all godless pseudobabble. And I know that the way society uses it, it is often used to encourage sin and give into passions that should not be indulged. But there really are issues that are really medical problems that affect our brains, or sicknesses of the mind. I do not think it is wise for some trads to deny this and advance the notion that EVERYTHING can be solved using Thomistic categories.

  9. St. John's took the link down.

  10. Whenever I see the LGBT acronym I think of Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato.

    Maybe the 'G' could stand for 'Gherkin'.

  11. Mercury, in re the alleged systematic persecution of homosexuals by the Nazi regime, I recommend The Pink Swastika -- an absorbing read.

    In re A Course in Miracles, no Catholic has any business messing with it It is totally satanic. I first found out about ACIM after hearing a priest quote New Age guru-ette Marianne Williamson approvingly from the pulpit, and I did some research on her. She is a huge proponent of ACIM -- run from her, too.

  12. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I am an oblate at St. John's and this is extremely upsetting to me. I realize the monks themselves are not participating, but the Abbey should not even be hosting this. It's very new-agey and just wrong. Not at all Christ-focused, just "self" focused, again.

  13. ACIM and the Marianne Williamson cult has found its way into Catholic circles, parishes and religious communities, infecting everyone who finds consolation in it.

  14. Anonymous2:41 PM

    This story relates to and institutional divergence from Cathiolic teaching, and the promotion of something morally evil and your response is, "it's a complex issue" & "gay is very much accepted in the Church"?

  15. Anonymous - have you ever read this blog?

    That was his point - this crap runs deep and has already borne "fruit" all over the Church. Not that this is good, but it is a matter of fact.


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