Thursday, March 01, 2012

More news on the Communion 'scandal'.

UPDATE on Fr. Marcel Guarnizo.

I found the following update on the Washington Catholic Blog.  If accurate, it helps to show that Fr. Guarnizo acted appropriately in denying communion to Barbara Johnson at her mother's funeral.  Father spoke to her privately in the sacristy before Mass, nevertheless Johnson presented for communion anyway, it was at that point Father whispered to her that he could not give her Holy Communion... 
Just wanted to let you know that there is a lot more to this story than has been published। I was in a meeting with Fr Marcel and heard the whole story। The woman in question brought her lesbian partner into the vesting sacristy just before the funeral Mass and made sure to introduce her partner to Fr Marcel, introducing her as her ‘lover’. He told her then that she should not present herself for Communion. I have been to many Masses said by Father Marcel and he is a good and holy priest. He speaks very softly when giving out Holy Communion, almost whispering “Corpus Christi” — and did not publicly denounce her but rather said in a whisper that he could not give her Holy Communion. - Read more.


  1. This isn't "new" information. It's more anonymous hearsay that has been with the story all along.

  2. It was new to me then - I've not been online all that much.

  3. Jesus meek and humble of heart make our hearts like unto Thine.

    I've been dealing with this sort of issue on a personal level this past week. I have a friend (non Catholic) who I have tried my best to catechise over the years about Catholic faith and practice. As someone who is active in "the lifestyle" he takes offense that the Church has stipulations about who can receive communion. After all he says, "Jesus wouldn't keep me from going to communion". He separates Jesus from the Church. So he has an aversion to anything vaguely Catholic until befriending a former priest (who is in "the lifestyle" who told him in essence that he can go to holy communion.... so you can't win. I believe this is something that matters. We live in a time when people think that they are entitled to receive holy communion. They may not even understand what it is but they still believe they are entitled to it. They may be divorced and remarried, they may be living a sexually active gay lifestyle, they may be living with their boyfriend or girlfriend etc and they all think that is ok and go to the communion rail. I read a comment on Fr "Z"s blog the other day about this issue from a Man who is divorced and remarried and has not gone to holy communion for years but watches others living in irregular situations go on a regular basis. There is enough scandal to go around. I partially blame the whole nonchalant attitude of how we approach the Blessed Sacrament in the past 40 years. come as you are in torn jeans, sweats, shorts, tube tops, no need to kneel, an hour fast before etc., plethora of "LEMS".... Honestly, I don't think most people have any idea what they are doing when they approach Holy Communion. I think this is just part of the "we gather, we listen, we respond" type of worship most Catholics have become accustomed to.

  4. I know a place where you can buy a mug with the appropriate canon for denying communion to sinners.

  5. OOOO! OOOO! Get me two Terry, and some Lovely Lenten Blend to go in them!!!! :-P


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