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Additional Background information on Fr. Marcel Guarnizo as it relates to facts stated in the 'suspension' notification.

" ... And with the stunning collapse, the burning question arose in Russia—what is to be done? How should the West respond to the liberation of the communist lands—particularly Russia?

Founded in 1994, Aid to the Church in Russia (A. C. R.), has been actively engaged in the one meaningful answer to that question: the reconstruction of the Church and society in the East. Since that year, A. C. R. has been a source of major funding for the Church, making significant donations to, among other things, the following projects:

…reconstruction of Mary Queen of the Apostles Seminary, St. Petersburg

…reconstruction of Cathedral of the Assumption, St. Petersburg

…reconstruction of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Moscow

…reconstruction of St. Louis of France, Moscow

…construction of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Irkutsk, Siberia

The founder of A. C. R. is Rev. Marcel Guarnizo, a native of Washington, D.C., a graduate of O’Connell High School, and at the time of A. C. R.’s founding, a seminarian in Rome. In 1998, after his training there, Rev. Guarnizo, was ordained to the priesthood for the Apostolic Administration of European Russia by Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz.

“And the Gates of the Netherworld Shall Not Prevail Against It” (Mt. 16:18).

The tenth anniversary celebrations took the form of a Biblical and Ecclesiological Symposium, which started at 4:00pm on 25 May 2001 in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Moscow. The appropriate theme for the weekend: “And the Gates of the Netherworld Shall Not Prevail Against It” (Mt. 16:18).
The host for the events was Archbishop Kondrusiewicz. The Holy Father’s envoy to the event, His Excellency Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran, Secretary for Relations with the States, presided over the opening ceremony and closed the weekend as the main celebrant of the Mass on Sunday morning..."

Rev. Marcel Guarnizo
Fr. Marcel Guarnizo is an American by birth, he is a Catholic diocesan priest belonging to the Archdiocese
of Moscow, Russia. Rev. Guarnizo studied theology and philosophy in Rome where he specialized in
Metaphysics. He is also the founder and chairman of the Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern
Europe (EICEE) a foundation committed to the strengthening and promotion of free, just and
democratic societies in Central and Eastern Europe.

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  1. Awesome. Sounds like quite an operation.

    But one question I want to ask is: do you know what kind of relations this organization has with the Russian Orthodox Church?

  2. Sorry Merc - I don't, maybe someone else will.

  3. According to the A. C. R. website: "A. C. R. supports financially both Orthodox and Catholic clergy and religious in Russia. A. C. R. seeks to work in harmony with the Russian Orthodox Church in initiatives that will foster the true spiritual and cultural heritage of the Russian people".

  4. Peters just commented on this

  5. I'm simply amazed at the hubris and strident tone of the comments attacking Cardinal Wuerl and the administration of the Washington archdiocese under the previous posting about 'Fr. Guarnizo's fate ... Priestly faculties removed'. Then here, in this post, we have an actual copy of the letter of suspension from Washington Auxiliary Bishop Knestout, vicar general, forcefully stating that there is more than one reason for that action.

    Bishop Knestout refers to " ... intimidating behavior toward parish staff and others ... "
    and ... " ... the grave nature of these allegations ... " That's pretty serios stuff if it indicates a documented pattern of behavior on the part of this priest. Since the Knestout lettter does not specifically refer to the funeral incident, as such, but to other things, it might be well be wise and in the best interest of the Archdiocese to suspend Guarnizo " ... until all matters can be apropriately resolved."

    It seems to me that the comments about the cardinal archbishop, the vicar general and Fr. Guarnizo himself, come from people who cannot possibly know the facts of the real story here. What presumption!

  6. Truth tends to be rather subjective around here, Robert. I'm with you.

    They love the bishops when they say things with which they agree, but they will turn on them in a second if they handle things differently than they think they should.

  7. Fr. Guarnizo and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre both got unjust punishment because they they they did the right thing. A bishop took that priest' faculties. In the 1983 Code of Canon Law, Canon 1323 says there's no penalty for the canonically illegal consecration Lefebvre did in 1988. Fr. Guarnizo loses his faculties for something that in perfect harmony with what the Catechism of the Catholic teaches. But Fr. Hans Kung, a professed heretic, is still in so-called "full communion with the Church. What's wrong with this picture?

  8. Thom, I think, as a rule, lay people should give bishops the benefit of the doubt.

    I agree with what the priest did in this case if the story as I have heard it is true. However, the venom being spewed here against the bishop and the Cardinal, assuming the absolute worst without even a shred of charity, is appalling.

    As is the rad trad crap about Lefevbre being a hero. If Fr. Guarnizo is loyal to Rome, I doubt he'd appreciate the "compliment".

    I have no use for Kung - he and his type have ruined the Church in the German-speaking world. But heresy can be fixed by solid catechesis, an heresies tend to die over time. Deliberate and premeditated schism is another story, which can take centuries to heal.

  9. I don't know about the rest of you but if anything i'm consoled by the panel of experts we have assembled here who comment and keep us all on the straight and narrow of what does and does not constitute Catholic orthodoxy. I am beginning to ask myself what I did to remain a faithful traditional Catholic before I stumbled upon this blog and discovered the comment section. My mother always cautioned me to steer clear of argumentative types who feel the need to always be right and with their infinite knowledge to show others the error of their ways. I have far to many planks in my own eye to be worried about other people's issues.

  10. servus, I am sorry if I came across like that. I am just really unsettled by how people are automatically assuming the worst of the bishop and the cardinal here.

    I also get really touchy about people who make it sound like the ENTIRE hierarchy or the Church is rotten, implicating even the pope and the good priests I know.

    I suffer badly from scruples and I need to be able to trust my confessor and the teachings of the Magisterium - when that is called into doubt I can react somewhat harshly. I am sorry.

  11. Seriously, I'm sorry if I sound like a pedant.

    I was just rereading some things and I think I might have sounded like I was correcting you about not making it to Mass on Sunday.

    It wasn't that I was correcting YOU - it's just that it's one of those things I've had to check and recheck ad nauseam to be absolutely sure about, because if I ever couldn't make it to Mass through no fault of my own, I'd be paranoid that I had mortally sinned, and find some way to blame myself.

    Maybe I am just being paranoid and you weren't aiming that at me, per se. I'm sorry.

  12. Mercury---

    I wasn't addressing my comment to you in particular. I just think there seems to be a lot of pontificating sometimes. I made a resolution last night that when I get the urge to comment my two cents regarding Father Guarnizo that I would instead pray a rosary for him....

    regarding Mass attendance and my family it's about priorities. Granted they live on a farm 30 miles from Church and my parents are both mid 70s but it bothers me that they can drive twice that distance for a basketball game for my niece on a Sunday and miss Mass. This would never have been an issue when I was little but it shows how far things have deteriorated since 1970. I campaigned for the nightly rosary as a boy (unsuccessfully) because I knew that if we didn't many things would befall our family....(Yes, they did) I think we need to strike a balance between Polly anna and the way things are in the Church. Above all we need to pray for the bishops because unfortunately many of them leave a lot to be desired. There are many, many Father Guarnizo's out there who no one knows about or writes about and who suffer greatly. I think we do them a grave injustice by pretending that all is well and that the powers that be must know what they are doing. I think this all stems from the fact that we are missing a true sensus catholicus today. Many of the saints had no issue with calling out Bishops, Cardinals even Popes (Catherine of Siena for one)....
    we mistakenly think that the times in which we live or normal. No, we console ourselves into thinking that the times we live are normal. They are not. We know what the church teaches and has always taught and that should suffice in itself. I become impatient and irritated with 40+ years of this ridiculousness that there is a pre conciliar and post conciliar church and that we began with year ZERO after vatican II. There are many how live as though this is true. I've witnessed it here in the comment section. I believe firmly there is a diabolical disorientation in the Church today as Sr Lucia said. It's everywhere. I think you have to blind not to see it. The only thing we can do is be faithful. be faithful to the daily rosary, prayer, fasting, Holy Mass and trusting in the Mercy of GOD.

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