Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mass Chat: Perhaps I've been a bit too harsh...

I spoke to my pastor after Mass last evening.  I made sure he knew I wasn't being confrontational, nor was I asking him to do or say anything.  He's a great priest and is doing a very good job - I made sure he knows I think as much, anyway.

I asked cautiously why the Archbishop's prayer for marriage is not being used in parishes - as if ours isn't the only parish not using it.  He replied saying, "Look where we are - South Minneapolis."  I laughed and said I know.  I also acknowledged that he has been doing a great job talking about the tough issues over the last few years.  He dismissed my compliment and emphasized his intent is to teach the faith not so much with 'diplomacy' but rather, from love.

But back to why the prayer isn't being said.  Evidently it is optional - pastors are not required to use it.  Father pointed out that he included a slightly tamer version in the bulletin, and indeed, he has made a point to write about the upcoming vote and Catholic teaching this very weekend.  He also pointed out, as did Cardinal George recently, that all of us have gay friends, relatives or neighbors, and we must be considerate.  All in all, it was a good conversation and his moderate approach impresses me as the best approach.

I know I can get a little heavy handed here when it comes to these issues - I mostly react to others who think Catholics should just shut up.  I try to be charitable, but I know I can repel even Courage-type Catholics - in fact Courageman dropped me from his links awhile back.  I've lost readers because of the subject matter, and sometimes just because I am what I am - I don't blame them.  God knows I've alienated even those priests who... - but there I go, turning it around to be all about me again.  I do apologize - I always tend to forget how sensitive gay people can be - young and old, consecrated or not.  Perhaps I should just leave matters to the proper authorities - priests and bishops and other annointed ones.  They've always done so well with these matters in the past. 

Though I may know a lot about the seamy side of gay life, the duplicity and charade, intrigue and drama - which is why they call it gay BTW -  as well as the more spiritually evolved 21st century politically correct version of the GLBTQ persona  - I'm not sure I'm helping any one here with my observations and comments and warnings.  I expect everyone who reads me lives/takes their life seriously, with sufficient knowledge and complete consent of the will.  I can't tell any one how to live their lives - not that I think I've been doing that.

I'm sure Elton and his husband are wonderful parents. 

Have a wonderful day in the neighborhood.


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    "I can't tell any one how to live their lives."

    No, but you can continue to use your blog affirm Church teaching. Nothing wrong with that.


  2. you weren't blocked today, just warned for adult content/profanity - lol. (just don't say 'pussywillow' and you'll be fine).

    i love your posts on the gay stuff. i find you always charitable and edifying.

    keep up the good work!


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