Saturday, December 17, 2011

Archbishop Nienstedt: A Prayer for Marriage

"First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, be offered..." - 1 Tim. 2:1

Archbishop Nienstedt of St. Paul/Minneapolis wisely issued a call for prayer and Friday penance "to assist statewide efforts to defend and define marriage in the Minnesota Constitution:
“The current struggle to defend and define marriage within our civil constitution demands a three-fold approach,” Archbishop Nienstedt said.

[1] “We must educate our fellow citizens on the meaning and good of marriage.

[2] We must actively and resolutely promote widespread participation among our fellow believers in the support of a marriage amendment.

[3] And, most importantly, we must pray and offer sacrifice for the success of all endeavors that seek to protect and promote marriage.”

* * *  

Marriage Prayer 

Heavenly Father,

Through the powerful intercession of the Holy Family, grant to this local Church the many graces we need to foster, strengthen, and support faith-filled, holy marriages and holy families.
May the vocation of married life, a true calling to share in your own divine and creative life, be recognized by all believers as a source of blessing and joy, and a revelation of your own divine goodness.
Grant to us all the gift of courage to proclaim and defend your plan for marriage, which is the union of one man and one woman in a lifelong, exclusive relationship of loving trust, compassion, and generosity, open to the conception of children.
We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, who is Lord forever and ever. Amen. - Source

Ed. Note:  Perhaps, at some point a "Rosary Crusade" could be initiated by someone 'in charge' as well.  Our Lady is known to perform miracles through the prayers of the rosary.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Terri.

    Don't know if I'm alone in saying this:
    Marriage is beautiful...but, oh so challenging. Praise God for this wise bishop's call for prayer. +

  2. seeds planted ... i'm thinking i might use this prayer in our weekly *courage* meetings in union with abp. nienstadt.


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