Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I think the Occupy Wall Street deal will fizzle on its own - but that doesn't mean that our times aren't ripe for revolution.  Obama calls it change.  Whatever it is, it's happening now.
Locutionists, mystics and apparition devotees seem to be banking on an event they call the chastisement - at least they've been predicting it.  Recently a friend sent me a few news items dealing with Globalism, the New World Order, The Great Transition, Agents for Change...  Conspiracy theory?  I don't think so.
The Great Transition
It will be necessary to replace today’s cumbersome social systems, religious dogmas, heated emotions, partisan ideologies, and other commonly outmoded forms of thought and consciousness that now form the major obstacles to progress.” — William E. Halal, Emerging Technologies and the Global Crisis of Maturity
...Social engineers and opinion molders will be working overtime to shape society during this “Age of Transitions” as societal norms are broken and reshaped, and the political battlefield is thrown into chaos."

I responded:
Very insightful.  I think the confusion in the world - in our nation - is useful for the 'change agents'. I don't know who exactly all of these 'agents' are, but it seems to me we have been experiencing the result of their efforts. I think the Wall Street protests are linked - although I believe some people are duped.  But there is a revolutionary element there - as in the violence against Christians in Egypt and elsewhere. I'm more and more convinced this is the chastisement.  People who have been waiting for signs in the sky are missing this fact. The disunity amongst us - the factions - is part of it. I'm convinced that we need to live like martyrs now - that we need to look at how martyrs in former times lived and worked - the martyrs were so full of charity that they inspired the conversion of their persecutors. As I try to express this online I'm either considered a big liberal something or other, or a mean spirited anti-traditionalist. Unfortunately, I'm not doing well trying to express these sentiments.

That said, I think we need to act like Christians.  We need to love and speak the truth in charity, humbly confessing our failures and admitting our weaknesses, while genuinely seeking to make Love loved.  Otherwise how can unbelievers be persuaded to believe?  I think we have to stop tearing one another to pieces and learn to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us.  At least I do.
I think many of us place our hopes in a revived economy, or a political party, a particular candidate for office, and so on.  We're mistaken however.  Our idols need to be smashed so that we can, we must, hope in God alone.
Jesus, I trust in you.


  1. Right on, Terry. You have elucidated what I have felt in my own heart, but all too often have been ignoring due to outside distractions, etc.

    I'm so thankful for your blog.

    As a priest told me to pray as part of my penance, "God of love, give me love."


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