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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mass Chat: The Costume Mass

"Have you noticed lately that almost all women have blond, straight hair and wear an incredible amount of eye-make-up and no matter what type of clothing they have on, it is always really tight and hot?"

But I'm not complaining.
Last evening's Mass was the children's costume Mass.  The church was packed, and a little noisy, but lots of families were there, and many of the kids came in their Halloween costumes.  Mass was fine, albeit the kids a tad distracting.  I'm not complaining.  At the conclusion all the kids in costume assembled on the altar steps for the blessing and Father more or less Christianized the significance of Halloween as All Saints eve, and did a brief history of the angels and demons theme often associated with the night before thing.  It was actually a good catechesis - although I know some people will object to the very idea of such a Mass in the first place.  Be that as it may.  I was able to 'hear Mass' and receive our Lord in Holy Communion, and it was a great grace, to be sure.
Halloween is big Jerry!  It's big!
I'm just having fun with the Halloween-prep posts of course - although I still have to go out and get some yellow 'Caution' tape/police tape to block my stairs and driveway for Halloween.  It's my new idea this year to keep the kids from even bothering to come to the door to ring the bell - even though the house is dark and shutters closed tight - they still try.  Greedy little bas-----!  But I'm getting off topic...
Halloween specials.
Last Tuesday or Wednesday - can't remember which day,  I went to the store - I go to Kowalski's, and they always have family fun things around the 'holidays'.  That evening it was trick or treat night and they had bowls of just about everything throughout the store for the cute little ghouls and princesses and animals - I love those animal costumes with the animal's head and the suit made out of teddy-bear fur.  The kids are so cute.  Anyway - it was a fun event and the families all looked like television stars to me - is it just me or are people starting to look like clones of good looking celebrities?  Also, have you noticed that all women have blond, straight hair and wear an incredible amount of eye-make-up and no matter what type of clothing they have on, it is always really tight and hot?  And all the dads are pretty metro-sexual looking - if that term is still valid.  Again, I'm veering off topic here...
The holiday season has begun!
So here's the deal, the holidays start earlier and earlier every year, and now they begin with Halloween more so than ever.  Even at church, huh?  But Halloween is major - bigger than Thanksgiving I'd say - in fact I always get the two mixed up.  Isn't it weird - or is it just our changing times and commercial materialism directing our lives.  Yeah.  It's that.
Television advertising, sitcoms and TV melodramas are sort of year round Halloween shows as it is - CSI, but as the big holiday nears, the screen explodes - and by golly - if some witch doctor from Uganda was suddenly transported into the average American living room during prime time the week before Halloween - he'd crap his J. Peterman cargo shorts.  Talk about witches and demons.
Oh the holidays.  I get so sentimental.  They're fun, they're strange - but what is worse than all the prep work is the emotional let down after.  Gratefully we have Zoloft and Paxil and anti-psychotics to help us cope. 


  1. Yes that's me--the blondish semi-straight hair, and the eyeliner and other eye makeup...and ocasional dab of rose lipstick...except I don't have much in the way of lips so I don't do it very often..although I'm not stuck inthe 80's like I was there for awhile...

    I don't do much in the way of skin-tight clothes so I'm a disappointment there:)

    I LUV Halloween in Utah....especially the university parties....that's when all the cross-dressers have formal permission to strut their stuff :) Unfortunatelly I have university class that night so I won't be home to greet the trick-o-treaters....and it's not really cool to dress up at my workplace...a shame cuz I was really thinking of going as a fat (relatively speaking) Lady Gaga....the last time I was a perfect size zero (0) was probably in second grade..


  2. I live in Mexicanville, USA; the bimbos here have big boobs and fake diamonds, and dress to kill... even when pregnant.

    For Halloween, I go to a large park by the house (Kiwanis Park in Tempe, Az) that is a year round favorite for witches, shamans, warlocks of every creed and color to gather together and perform their Satan devil worshiping.

    There's nothing like evil to bring all peoples together.

    I walk around this large park (of many man made lakes) that has its own police substation to protect the rights of these screwballs, and sprinkle Holy Water and pray the Rosary.

    When they see me, they let out a collective groan.

    Every year, I tell them "What's it take to say the Rosary? Twenty minutes tops."

    After the Holy Water (not Blessed Water) their celebration just doesn't have the same oomph.


  3. Thanks you guys for commenting. This was a really good post, I must say. Deserving of a link from any one of the Stepford Wives Catholic Commentary sites!

  4. Austringer1:44 PM

    I'm just freaked out by that photo --- Terry, what is that from??!

  5. Austringer - that's Mrs. D! Kidding - I can't remember but it is from some scary movie.

  6. Austringer3:25 PM

    Well, I'm glad to hear it's from a movie and not a candid shot -- it's so grim.

    But Mrs. D did and does have her scary moments....


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