Monday, September 12, 2011

Talking old soldiers...

I should say, talking old monks...

"The older I get the more I see that a lot of loving has to do with bearing with rather than doing things for others.  It has to do with being a life-giving presence to others, not pulling down but building up or at least not getting in the way of the building.
When I look back at the people who are respected and really looked up to in my community I think especially of two brothers who are these kind of men: both of them are discreet, not reactive, not loud, easy to be with, good humoured, people who can listen to others, who don’t threaten or speak about others; they are people whom the good and the wayward can talk to without any sense of being judged or taken to task.  They are both men of the word and of prayer; full of good sense and down to earth – fine human beings.
They are men who are happy to be monks." - O.C.S.O Abbot General, A View of the Order Today
Happy to be Christian.
 H/T Idle Speculations for the quote.
Photo:  Chapter, New Melleray

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