Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And now: Fr. Cutie has something to say.

About the disappeared and suspended.
Defenders of bad boy priests should maybe cheer Fr. Cutie for this one, huh?  Because a lot of Catholics seem to believe priests like Fr. Corapi and Fr. Pavone have been badly treated by their bishops. Fr. Cutie:
One of the issues I address in my personal memoir, "Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle with Faith and Love," which has caused a significant degree of controversy among certain Roman Catholic circles, is the way the institutional church deals with priests. I highlight especially those moments of personal crisis when priests need the most support, from everyone in the spiritual family they grew up in and gave their lives to, and often find everything but support.  Recently, Roman Catholics have seen the disappearance and/or disciplining of several prominent priests: Father Thomas Euteneuer; Father John Corapi; Father Michael Manning; Father Frank Pavone.
How many people remember these charismatic figures?
Father Ken Roberts; Father John Patrick Bertolucci; Monsignor Euguene Clark; Father Ricardo Castellanos; Father Francis Mary Stone. - Fr. Cutie has more @ Where are these priests?
 I've always thought priests were supposed to be obedient to their bishop or religious superiors?  The Catechism seems to say that:
1567 "The priests, prudent cooperators of the episcopal college and its support and instrument, called to the service of the People of God, constitute, together with their bishop, a unique sacerdotal college (presbyterium) dedicated, it is, true to a variety of distinct duties. In each local assembly of the faithful they represent, in a certain sense, the bishop, with whom they are associated in all trust and generosity; in part they take upon themselves his duties and solicitude and in their daily toils discharge them."51 priests can exercise their ministry only in dependence on the bishop and in communion with him. The promise of obedience they make to the bishop at the moment of ordination and the kiss of peace from him at the end of the ordination liturgy mean that the bishop considers them his co-workers, his sons, his brothers and his friends, and that they in return owe him love and obedience.
Apparently some priests and not a few of their followers disagree.  I don't get it. 


  1. I think that there are times when bishops harshly apply their authority when handling certain members of clergy. I think that there are times when bishops apply NO AUTHORITY when handling certain members of clergy, and these individuals scandalize the Church, themselves, and the laity. In some situations, Church officials remain panicky about any allegations--mere allegations--made about any member clergy and some times they overreact. But I do feel for those priests who have unjustly been removed or quietly banished from preaching, teaching, writing, or making public appearances because of mere allegations or because of a domineering bishop or Church hierarchy. The Church does have a history of doing stuff like that.

    How many of those named in the list fall under the "unjustly removed"? I don't know. But safe to say this Cutie guy is NOT one of them.

  2. sigh.

    fr. c. wrote, sadly, a column that is not only disconnect to... and illogical in ... but one that represents a lot of 'mind-think' out there these days.

    If it Feels Right - Opinion David Brooks

  3. Cutie left the Church - former Catholics are usually disgruntled, aren't they.

  4. Fr. Richard10:49 AM


    Fr. Cutie's post is not surprising he blames the institution rather than looking in the mirror at the priest's own ego and hubris which usually leads to downfalls.

    It is a combination of factors, like most things in life, the falls of priests occur both because of the priest's own failings and then sometimes the institutional Church doesn't handle it right. But let's be honest anytime one is in difficulty, most people shy away. It's part of the fallen condition- sadly- when people and priests are down and out- most people bail- including Church leaders and parishioners who are fallen humans as well- in the end, we must trust in the Lord alone as St. John of the Cross puts it so well. That's why it is so important to pray for everyone and in your own life to try to help when appropriate- but sometimes things are so complicated that there is not much more you can do, but pray. I know this from dealing with certain partishioners, over the years, with their own serious problems, in my own life as a parish priest. It would be nice if you could wave a magic wand and make everything better, but often time it is not possible- entrust all to Divine Mercy- which is why I love the chaplet and recommend it so often- so many things are beyond what we can help with on a human level, but nothing is impossible for God. It may not lead to restoration of a priest or whoever, but maybe it will help them to save their soul in the end, as well as our own, which in light of eternity is what really matters.

  5. In 2008, Fr. Pavone was outspokenly anti-Obama, re abortion. In 2010, Fr. Pavone participated in the protest against Obama's speaking at Notre Dame University. The Presidential election is next year, and Obama's poll numbers keep sinking. How does this look to Obama and his campaign? Fr. Pavone needs to be 'taken out'. This is National Politics, Chicago-Style. Where does Bishop Zurek come in? According to Huffington Post columnist Fr. Alberto Cutie (Episcopalian), Sept. 19: "His bishop in Amarillo is certainly much more progressive than he is, so there could be some ideological clashes there..." Does Bishop Zurek have associations with the Democratic Party? The Bishop a few years back had a relationship in Texas with the former Mayor of San Antonio, Ed Garza. Garza appointed him to serve on his "Committee on Integrity and Trust in Local Government." Garza, sharing the Democratic sentiments of other Hispanics in his state, endorsed Obama in 2008. I don't want to suggest that Bishop Zurek himself is being a party to 'dirty tricks' against Fr. Frank Pavone, but the possibility exists that circumstances around the Bishop have been manipulated, with an agenda in mind.

  6. Dear Fr. Richard - thanks for that very good comment. I need to return to praying the Chaplet every day. God bless you.

  7. eternalu - I wouldn't get involved with any conspiracy theories regarding Pavone and his bishop. They lead no where.

  8. I can tell you what happened to at least one of these priests. Ricardo Castellanos molested me when I was a child, and he is now collecting his pension from the catholic church and living in south florida. I find it amazing that alberto cutie minimized the reasons that castellanos "disappeared".


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