Wednesday, August 17, 2011

World Youth Day and Communion in the hand, and fashion, and ...

Many, many questions...

Is it bad that WYD isn't at the top of my event list? 
  • No honey, it is not. 

How will all those kids receive Communion?  There have to be liturgical police wringing their hands over that one, huh?  Is it just about the worstest liturgical abuse ever?  Those ginormous concelebrated Masses?  The Conga-line style reception of communion?  And, and, and ...
  • I don't think so - is that bad?

A really old nun, 103 years, is leaving the convent to go see the pope - she hasn't left in 84 years - the poor nun said she would close her eyes all the way so as not to be distracted.  Now that is edifying.  If you were her, would you leave the monastery to go see the pope?
  • I would not.  I think he should go to see her.

At previous WYD's it can be said Blessed Pope John Paul II raised cane at the events.
  • He did - he used to raise his cane in the air like he just don't care.  Rockin'.

Michael Voris is holed up in a hotel for WYD.
  • I know!  That sounds sooooo creepy too.

Will the kids be wearing Abercrombie & Fitch fashions?  Low rise jeans?  And will A&F protest if they do?  (They protested that Mike The Situation wears their stuff on Jersey Shore.)
  • A&F doesn't care because MSM will not cover WYD.  And the A&F protest against Snooky and the Shore is just another genius marketing strategy - nothing more.

One reader asked me, "If you hadn't just turned 30, would you have gone to WYD?"
  • No.
Shut up grandma.  (This post is for Andrew.)
Photo found at Hermeneutic of Continuity


  1. Terry:

    If they had World Adult Day, where should the first one be held?

  2. @Joe K, where Terry's backyard. LOL

  3. I actually think WYD is a wonderful event. I think many vocations come from these events, as well as saints. I love the enthusiasm and the devotion of the youth - it is infectious.

    My post here is pretty much a friendly jab at those who disparage the event and the extraordinary happenings which occur.

  4. Terry:

    I struggle with things. I have never been but know tons of people, including my wife, that have gone and have been deeply moved by it.

    I do know/see that there are some questionable/problematic things about it, but I chalk that up to the fact that it is a huge event, often in a "foreign" place, and you cant control the "weather."

    I think vocations boom, saints are won, and the faith is strengthened in these folks: young and old.

    I really want to go to a WYD soon, and hope to make it to one in the future.

  5. You're a good man Joe.

  6. I heard that some of the events are being held at a Jewish Shrine club. I believe Pablo said it was the Star of Alladin of El-Kabob Temple No. 3 of the F&AM of Espana.

    And we all know that THOSE Shriners are fags and women who don't love Mary and Mexico.

  7. Too bad Obama couldn't have shown up to talk about jobs 'n stuff. In his Canadian built buses.

  8. The horror...the horror...

  9. +JMJ+

    And if I hadn't just turned sixteen . . . Oh, never mind!

  10. One of my daughters attended WYD in 93 I think and I have a niece there this year. I hope it's a great experience for her. And I'm glad Mike Voris is there. He's great!

  11. I wonder what that morning post this morning, that never was, was?

    Oh sorry, digressing again. Just a small diet coke for me, please Terry, I'm on a diet.

    I like seeing the Pope smile when the young people cheer him. It makes me cry a little. I am getting old, just like old people who get old, except this is ME who's doing it. Me. Old.

    I know!

  12. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Shadow: It was a post on the infighting between Catholics and how nasty things can occasionally get. Terry realized he had overstated it a bit and took it down.

    Sure hope he asked for forgiveness during his holy hours this afternoon.

  13. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Heck, I bet passing all those loaves and fishes to the 5 thousand was problematic. You know Judas probably was complaining. "you only get one fish, not two!". When this many people show up, Jesus takes over. We don't need to complain about it.

    As Terry says, many vocations and saints will come from this. We need them!

  14. Seriously, what's with the anonymous jerks?

  15. For real. I'm a jerk often, but I always have the courage to sign my name to it.

  16. I did ask for forgiveness today - and I prayed for the anonymous commenters along with those who identify themselves.

  17. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Forgive me Terry and everyone. I don't mean to offend. (i made the problematic crowds comment). I don't post my name as I don't know how. I don't use a google account and the rest is foreign. I won't post anymore.

    I do enjoy this blog though. Terry, you are always a port in a storm. God bless.

  18. It wasn't you, Anon 6:49, but if you don't know how to post your name, you can just leave a sign off at the bottom, like:


  19. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Is Mercury a smoker?

  20. Hey!!

    You found a photo of me playing guitar!!

    Also please pray for Christ Prince of Peace parish and their new military chaplain. He arrives this week. Father Cyriacus "C.Y." Onyejegbu.

    God Bless our military chaplains!!


    word verification "lionb"

  21. Anonymous - just sign a name or something on your post - you don't have to sign in - just do your post and add a name or some identifier or something. I don't mind negative comments directed at me.

    God bless!


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