Thursday, July 28, 2011

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a Cistercian Abbey named Springbank.
The sale is this weekend.
h/t PML


  1. Anybody need any toner cartridges??

  2. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

    "...goes to support Buddhists..."

    "...a lapsed Catholic and a divorced Grandmother..."

    Does anybody see there has been a trainwreck of Catholicism (and not just these two examples) at the Abbey?

    No wonder the Holy Mother is shaking them out of the fold of her mantle.

    (what is that layman in the suit doing standing next to the Monk at prayer?

    Giving him more 'Power'?


  3. Matt - no - but I would like the painting of St. Bernard and Christ in the sacristy.

    Michael - I belive that man in secular clothes is an oblate or a postulant - neither usually are clothed in habits.

  4. A bit eerie watching that interview because it prompts some questions pertaining to, 'what happened' in less than 2-years after the interview if they were making that much money?

  5. Terry, Why don't you pack up the wife and kids and drive over, down to, across to...Wisconsin and pick up some frames and little art treasures this weekend? Might get some toner cartridges as well as some Bleeding Blessed Blend Coffee Beans...mmmmm

  6. If I packed up the wife and kids her husband might get mad.

    I'm single.

  7. "No wonder the Holy Mother is shaking them out of the fold of her mantle."


    But, seriously...I did question those same things Pablito.

  8. Tis sad, the Cistercian Fathers lived through the Great Depression of the 1930's. They built the abbey church in 1929 when the stock market crashed. Why these monks could not make a go of things will most likely remain secret. It is a sure thing that they did not know how to manage money.My opinion the money went to their heads and not the bank. They had far too many toys for rec.time ! I have fond memories of the old abbey on Oconomowoc Lake and I hate to see much of that history fall into shame. I question if this is the will of God, or plain & simple man being stupid... I think McCoy should be monk/man enough to tell us what really happen ! This is another case of new money, here today gone tomorrow ! I question if any of them will go to Our Lady of Dallas the only other O. Cist. house in the USA,my opinion most likely not. This abbey had a history of having things hard, few vocations,and far too many bones in the closet. The move to Sparta surely did not help, and now they are no more . . . dhallenstein

  9. Rabbi - very sad indeed.


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