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Thursday, July 07, 2011

I have some very heavy burtations on the Corapi deal.

A very darist-darison...
Actually they are questions, but if anyone says anything mean, I'm claiming I'm having a 'heavy burtation'.
So anyway.  Why hasn't the MSM picked up on this whole thing?  Where is the anti-Catholic, anti-priest mainstream media?  (Oh!  Oh! And where is Bill Donohue on the Catholic bashing Catholic brouhaha over the Corapi case??)  Think of it - the MSM gobbled up the Haggard story, they went nuts over Rekers call boy luggage handler, and don't even mention the hatchet job they did on Tammy Faye's failed attempts to make the best dressed list.  Fr. Corapi is supposedly such a high profile evangelist and former Hollywood almost-celebrity - rich and famous, life in the fast lane type of guy.  And what about Euteneuer?  How did they miss his story?  Famous exorcist and all of that?  Maybe because they weren't gay?  I dunno.  Maybe it is just an MSM burtation?
You know what?  I never followed that Casey Anthony case, did you?  I didn't.
But here's some news the MSM won't ignor:  Cardinal Schoenborn is even in more trouble now.  A whole bunch of his priests are in heresy and they are not suspended!  Yet... yet... Corapi was.  I know!  Anyway, remember my post the other day about The big one?  I wasn't even thinking of the Austrians.
Little known factoid.  I once claimed to be part Austrian - but I can't prove it.  My brother claims my uncle told him we were descended from Austrian Jews - but he couldn't prove it.
PSA:  The dog will bark sometime today.


  1. But do you SPEAK Austrian?

  2. No! That's just it. But I can speak French, Italian and Spanish - but it sounds more like a heavy burtation when I do.

  3. Oops - forgot the punch line - I know a little German.

    And I'm laughing.

  4. Maybe Corapi isn't as big a deal as he (we) think.

    He only spoke to Catholic audiences. He didn't engage with non-Catholics or do *anything* beside give missions and talks.

    Cutie got a lot of coverage but that's because he was a slightly bigger fish - he had a television show that *wasn't* on EWTN - and had a wide following.

    I think it points to the narrowness of the Catholic ghetto. Sorry New Evangelists. No one gives a flip except the people who always give a flip in Catholic circles - the old ladies.

    I *wish* the MSM would get on this and examine Corapi/Coradi's claims to be a hot-shot Hollywood realtor sleeping with starlets. I *wish*.

  5. LOL, Ter. Glad you got the joke.

    Totally agree with Ellen. No secular person I know has ever even heard of Corapi, and they could not care less about what they see as an internal church matter.
    The thing about pop priests is that they THINK they are far more important and popular than they are. Being known in a churchlady circle does not a rock star make.

    For the most part, they are preaching to the choir, and I guess some of them don't realize the choir is a mighty small group of people.

  6. And I agree with both of you.

  7. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Most Catholic don't even know who he is!

  8. i agree, the main reason is that Fr Corapi is not really known outside of a small subculture in the church. there are many well informed, involved Catholics that never watch EWTN, listen to Corapi types, or the whole cathoic blogger sub culture. i know it is hard for those in this world to believe it but there are many involved Catholics just doing the work of living a catholic life and dont get all involved in the internal culture wars of the church.

    If Corapi starts to take all this to litigation, then i imagine the press will pick it up just because it sounds so bizarre and public records will come out during the litigation. i was never aware of him till this march, and it sure has been an eye opener into the internal workings of a catholic sub culture so i am sure that someone will do some investigative reporting down the road, but this is a story that was pretty well hidden behind a lot of piety and triumphalism and now the corapi affair has let the outside get a picture of the inner workings of this part of Cathoicism.

    Just look at EWTN, they seem to have a systemtic problem with this going way back to Ken Roberts to the recent Corapi mess. and there is no way then couldn't see all kinds of signs, but just never see the real problems. (to their credit SOLT's web master did admit his community's fault in all this)

    (and i am not saying all who watch EWTN or admire corapi etc are part of a sick subculture....but there seems to be a part of it just going after money and fame not matter what)

  9. He has a "very special announcement" today? Maybe he's getting married...

    Only kidding. Or am I?

  10. You have soldiers, Terry. They love your dictum.

  11. To answer the question regarding the MSM: Because these particular transgressors don't help the MSM push their pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-communist agenda.

  12. Ellen3:48 PM


    Sorry but they do. Look at how the MSM covers the transgressions of GOP pols v. Dems.

    If the charges against Corapi are true - he is a poster child for the MSM to point out the hypocricy of the traditional Catholic values - since even those who shout about them the loudest can't live by them.

    No - the simple fact is that Corapi is a nobody outside a certain neighborhood of the Catholic ghetto


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