Monday, July 11, 2011

The 'gays' welcomed at St. Cecilia's.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! Fremde, etranger, stranger. Glücklich zu sehen, je suis enchanté, ...
I've kind of been following this story as it unfolds, because I once actually lived and worked at St. Cecilia's in Boston - too many years ago now to have any record...  Monsignor Mackey kept me and another guy 'off the payroll' and paid us on the side.  Whenever I compare a rectory to a haunted house I am always thinking of St. Cecilia's.  I had a little hermitage in one of the towers where I used to go pray - it never failed to creep me out.  Mice ran across the lower church during vigils - the place was run down.  At one point in his career, Monsignor Mackey was a famous novena preacher and St. Cecilia's was on radio with Mackey preaching the Miraculous Medal Novena every Monday night.  It was at St. Cecilia's where I came to understand why priests drink or fall into sin - living in a rectory with an old Irish control freak was vocation numbing.  But I digress.
Anyway - evidently the "gay" Mass was held at St. Cece's this past weekend, and from the photos, it appears the church and rectory and parish hall may be a lot more livable, in addition to being much more welcoming - ka-ching.  The parish is obviously a gay parish these days, look at the man posing  against the fountain.  What?  Monsignor must be turning in his grave, as are most of the ordinary Catholics in Boston who once frequented the church - not the living trads of course - they're making their voices heard.  Naturally I'm just guessing about all of the details, since I wasn't there for the Cabaret Mass - but evidently Carol McKinley was - she posts about it here.  I wonder if that is Carol in the crimson dress arguing with the priest/deacon? shown above in the photo with the two men dancing?  What?
I was propositioned in that church once - but that's another story.
A couple of observations here.
Gay, gay, gay.  The gays.  I have a feeling one of these days it is not going to be permitted to call everything that involves homosexuals the gays or gay.
Cardinal Sean and the Boston chancery have some splainin' to do.
St. Cecilia's is in a rather gay area... Back Bay - eyeroll.  When I lived there "Dignity" met at St. Clement's Eucharistic Shrine just a couple of blocks away.  Even way back then I was against it - Dignity and its Catholic promoters that is.


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  2. Sorry Val - we're all stocked up here - go sell crazy someplace else.

  3. For now, I'll just say that I don't think the two men on the right are dancing. It looks like a rather tentative hug. Apparently the picture was taken as people were arriving for Mass (note people in the background, one of whom seems to be in the midst of making the Sign of the Cross). And I agree that the man holding the Book of Gospels shouldn't be leaning on the baptismal font like that. The stole on the person at far left seems to be worn the way a priest wears it.

  4. I don't think you'd recognize the place. They spent 14 million doing over the Church and just did over the rectory.

    I think the person is red was one of the Jesuits before he put on his alb. I was wearing black. :)

  5. Anonymous6:29 PM

    The"Whateverness" of God???

    Gag me with a spoon, dude!

    Not only a liturgical travesty, but a mangling of the language as well.

    Lord have mercy.

    Patricia Gonzalez

  6. LOL Carol - I'm so glad you caught the humor. A priest in this archdiocese spent a million to remodel his rectory, adding a hot tub - but was quickly sent off to school - in Boston! Anyway - he's still a priest here.

    St. Cece's did need a renovation - although the rectory was rather lux in it's day - it was just run down when I was there.

  7. As one of our regular commenters said - The nomatterwhatness of Unni fills us with heresy!

  8. Anonymous7:48 PM

    When the gays get everything they want - whatever name they want, gay marriage, gay adoption, etc. - what will be left for them to whine about?

    My experience with most (not all) homosexuals is that they always need attention. If they don't get it, they whine. What will be left for them? Because I still say they will need attention.....

    Sorry to post anonymously. You know who I am, Terry.

  9. Gay reparations maybe? 40 Acres and a gay mule?

    Funniest gay attention story I ever heard:

    In the city of Berlin, one of the most '68 generation, gay-sycophantic places on earth, sometime in the 90s, the city council decided that there were so many memorials to the Jews killed in the Holocaust, but the plight of the homosexual martyrs for love went unrecognized.

    What better place to build such a memorial than the Berlin Zoo, because then they'd be able to "educate" the children, too. So they built a monument that's apparently a bick block with a screen on it showing a video loop of two dudes kissing (lovely).

    No sooner did the monument go up than the lesbian groups started complaining that they were not also portrayed. Of course, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that female homosexuals were ever sytematically targeted by the Nazis. After a bit of debate about how the monument to martyrs of homosex had to be accurate after all, they caved, and ever the Multi-Kulti Gutmenschen, they made a compromise:

    Every year the video loop would change from two dudes to two chicks kissing. Although it makes no sense. At all.

    So now when the kiddies go to the zoo they can ask their parents why the two ladies are kissing, and the parents can say "uuhhhhh"

    Attention. That's all it's about. That's all it's ever been about. Me mememememe. Could gay "love" be otherwise?

  10. Oh, and by the way, European homosexuals and the political groups aligned with them are well on the way to reducing age of consent laws and dismantling any and all social advantages for married couples and families. They talk about how children have a "right" to choose to have sex with adults.

    Do not ever make the mistake of thinking it's about equal rights.

  11. Seems to me they have received their reward.

  12. "When the gays get everything they want - whatever name they want, gay marriage, gay adoption, etc. - what will be left for them to whine about?

    Unconfessed homophobia?

    "My experience with most (not all) homosexuals is that they always need attention. If they don't get it, they whine. What will be left for them? Because I still say they will need attention....."

    If we tell homosexuals NOT to expect to be treated as a separate catholic group, perhaps we could start the ball rolling by not talking about 'them' as separate or 'picky' in a different way, regarding 'their' human needs, to heterosexual catholics. Yeh?

    Over here in the UK, If I were to speak of a work colleague in this way, I would be sacked. Rightly so too, in my estimation.

    going totally off topic to most of the catholic blog conversations regarding SSA catholics, did any homosexual person feel welcome and included at the Mass? Or have their faith rekindled or learn for the first time that God loves them and that fellow hetero catholics are taught in the catechism to treat them with respect and sensitivity and compassion?

    Has anyone actually asked any homosexual person how they experienced the brotherly and sisterly love offered to them, in accordance with catechetical guidlines?

    I don't remember hearing the word 'whine' being used to describe how some homosexuals might act regarding their sexuality, but I do recall the catechism speaking of how some may be faced with a burden to carry, regarding the latter.

    What do I do, as an individual to embrace my fellow catholic who senses this 'burden' of their sexuality?
    How will I address my treatment and speech used whilst on earth, when talking of/to people with SSA, when Jesus asks me to, on Judgment Day?

    Have I ever, looked at a homosexual person and recognised Christ?

  13. +JMJ+

    I'm watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes right now and just came to this exchange.

    Government Suit: "This is Man vs. Vegetable!"
    Japanese Scientist: "Technically, sir, tomatoes are fags."
    American Scientist: "He means fruits."
    Japanese Scientist: "Ah! Fruits!"

    Terry, I know you love my live blogs, so here's some happy news for you: I'll have this movie up on my blog on 23 July.

  14. +JMJ+

    Ooops! Make that 22 July! =P

  15. Shadowlands, you're the first to ask the question and hurrah for you. Thank you.

    I can say (being SSA) that I always feel somewhat excluded from parish life. Then again, nothing really stands out to identify me as SSA (in MY estimation, although I've been told before my diction gives me away), so how should I expect a hetero parish member to treat me? If I ever got involved in a parish apostolate (besides Adoration which does not involve small group sharing - bleck), and the subject came up, I'd hope that I was treated no differently than any other member. I won't join a men's group cuz it's so intimidating. I'm not fond of team sports and wouldn't know how to talk to guys about it. Woodworking? I wish. I like to drink. We could share cocktail recipes? Just be nice to me and don't laugh when I correct your grammar.

  16. Mercury - 40 acres and a gay mule.

  17. Shadowlands - good points as always.

  18. doughboy, being single and over 30 or some other age with a zero in it, it's the same for me but without the SSA, up to and including adoration, cocktail hour and grammatical corrections.

    Parish life is designed for families. They don't mean for others to be excluded or to feel excluded but don't really know what to do with those who don't fit the standard equation.

    Adoration is important.


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