Friday, July 29, 2011

Archbishop Favarola and the Gay Hogwarts?

Miami vice:  Catholic Church leaders accused of operating a gay mafia.
I saw the story late last night on Pewsitters - they picked up the story from Gawkers.  Disturbing story?  Yes.  Surprising?  No. 
After night prayer I considered that the story may be fabricated, or at least exaggerated, perhaps part of a political conspiracy to shame the Church in retaliation for Catholic teaching on sexuality, and without doubt, the Church's position against same sex marriage.  It could be.  I could be in denial too.
This morning I've spent a few hours researching the claims that retired Archbishop Favarola headed a sort of gay cabal in Miami during his tenure as the leader of Miami Catholics.  Of course such rumors are not new, but details of what went on have been lacking in the public domain - and I'm not sure the sources today are all that credible.  I expect the story is going to explode now, rather than unfold.  The details remind me of the Sebastian's Angels gay priest scandal from several years ago - another gay cabal of sorts.  However, if this Miami vice story is true - it is even worse than the Angels' story.
Whatever the case - someone better step up to the plate really fast and make an investigation - and a serious one at that.
Anyway, here's the story with a link to all the sordid details - but watch out, the links contain graphic material.
One of Florida's most powerful Catholic leaders is being accused of running the Miami Archdiocese like a gay sexual mafia boss.

Gawker reports that a group of Catholics from South Florida calling their organization Christifidelis had launched a major investigation into the activities of Archbishop Emeritus John C. Favalora. In a report from Christifidelis called "Miami Vice," the group found that Favalora was part owner of a company that manufactured an aphrodisiac drink and took trips to Key West with "gay associates."

He also reportedly had sexual relationships with several underlings, including at least two monsignors, a rector, and a former student. The report indicated that many other priests in South Florida are gay and have live-in boyfriends. Some engaged in pedophilia.
Favalora resigned eight months before his 75th birthday, when archbishops routinely retire. Soon after, new archbishop Thomas Wenski was supposedly brought in to "clean up Favalora's mess," a source told Gawker. Many of the 35 priests named in the report had either retired or been reassigned..
Read the full report. - Advocate
These stories sort of make Corapi and Cutie look like saints, huh?
Photo:  Archbishop Favarola
Update:  Mark Shea shares his thoughts on the story.


  1. PartI

    Just finished reading that little doozy. But, does it really surprise anyone? In the late 80s, when I was about 12 and started paying attention to what was going on in my parish, I knew subconsciously that our pastor was gay and that he was off center. That was long before I knew exactly what the social implications and assumptions of what being gay meant. Long before I understood that sometimes adults are screwed up for whatever reason-I knew instinctively that he was. And I knew this about so many other priests and religious in my life.

    I began discerning a vocation my senior year in high school and visited a community that had been founded by a great saint and had an attachment to a specific Marian devotion. Because of my love of this saint and this particular devotion, I couldn't wait to visit. The brother with whom I spoke with sized me up as being a sad lemming Catholic and wanted to dash all my fervor and love for what he called "Gingerbread Catholicism.” As the evening wore on we moved to the refectory for a snack and in walked half the community from a gay bar. It had been announced that day in the paper that Pope JPII was going to be visiting and one of them responded with much hate, “Pffft…I wouldn’t cross the street to see HIM!”

    Over the years I have heard stories from seminarians forced to hide in their rooms and pray the Rosary. I have heard stories from ex-Catholics about all sorts of goings on in the seminaries they were in and so many other stories. At first I brushed these things off as baseless hatred for the Church, but as I began hearing the same types of stories about the same people running the Archdiocese from different sources, I knew there must be some truth.

    And then the story of an attractive, young seminarian, who had caught the eye of the rector of the cathedral. This rector, so obviously a gay man, would flounce around the cathedral before Mass, with the haughty expression of a 1950s Park Ave lady picking out her Fall wardrobe at Saks. This young seminarian quickly rose to MC of the cathedral and you would see him hanging out with the rector and various effeminate, catty auxiliary bishops gathered together, whispering like little junior high girls. I knew a number of monks who were of this same ilk and he was buddy, buddy with all of them. I felt he was being used and the story is that he was, essentially, sleeping his way to the top. He has risen quite quickly.

  2. PartII

    I feel what we read in articles like this and what is found on sites like, , is only the 1% of what is really going on. Then we wonder why the churches are so ugly and the liturgies so bad and the catechesis being watered down to nothing. I could never understand why complaints went unanswered for years. It obviously stems from the sickness in these men’s souls. When I do something uncharitable, that too, stems from the sickness of sin in my soul.

    Again, it shouldn’t surprise or scandalize anyone that these things are occurring. We have had popes who were far worse. This was going on in the 1950s with Cardinal Spellman and I am sure has been the case for a long, long time. Article on Spellman:

    And have no illusions these things are happening in “traddy” circles as well. The head of the Institute of Christ the King in the US was convicted for keeping a 17 year old boy tied to bed as his slave in LaCrosse, WI:

    I went through a crisis around 2004 and wondered how I could remain in an institution this corrupt and sick. However, my love for the divine nature of the Church, the scared mysteries and the sacraments kept me coming back. After more horrible experiences with priests and religious over the last few years, I have decided to look at priests as nothing more than a collar, just acting In Personae Christi. I don’t need to know them, I don’t want to know them. As long as they are validly ordained and show signs of orthodoxy in belief and practice, I simply receive the sacraments from them, pray for them and with them and that is all. I don’t admire any of them or get excited about them, I don’t want to be chatty with them or be invited over for dinner to be in their inner circle. No thank you. I simply trust none of them and I mean NONE of them.

  3. Other books like Good Bye Good Men seem to indicate these things have been going on for some time. Not to say it is true in this case but that the evidence seems to show these kinds of thing have been going on for a while.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if this is any different than any other age.

    Of course, in the Middle Ages it seems like the the major problem was that the priests were shacking up with females ...

    But seriously, I've heard it argued that the apparent solidity of the Church and religious orders in America in the 1940s and 50s was the historical exception, not the rule. And even then, who knows what kind of sin abounded.

  5. No Mercury, it is no different. Think of the Medieval artwork depicting bishops being carted off to hell. Nothing new to see here.

  6. Fr. Brian6:27 PM

    Mercury and Clark,

    As a priest I am offended by your biting comments about the clerical state- just kidding. I totally understand, just read the Sacrilege by Leon Poodles- it is depressing but real. The clerical corruption today may be more widespread in the sexual area because our culture in general is more corrupt in that area. I mean think about Miami and South Beach; it is a den of sin on the heterosexual front as well- the bottom line is I suspect not much chastity is being practiced there on any level. I suspect this report about the retired archbishop is true. I priest buddy of mine was at a seminarian conference back in the mid 90's where he, the ex archbishop, was speaking, and he made the comment to seminarians how he goes through his day: "I do my work and then at the end bring out two frozen martinis from my fridge, prop my feet up and say the hell with it all."- not exactly St. Charles Borromeo! He never talked about prayer, sacrfice or being conformed to Christ the priest and vactim for the sake of souls. After that I figured this guy was a waccko- and then I read he may be a homosexual. It all fit together. It's all very sad, but don't forget some priests are trying to live a quiet, often heroic life of faithfulness, in the midst of this corruption- this is why we need your daily prayers because seeing this and the reality of trying to make things better when other priests are actively working against the Church, wears one down and sometimes we are tempted to throw in the towel. That is what the devil wants. That is where proper friendship is good between priests and lay people who are striving for holiness in the midst of much spiritual darkness in the world and Church! But I understand Clark if you are reluctant to do so- since so many priests have let you down! Please Pray we all perservere, and the priests who are living a seriously immoral life on any level repent (which is sadly rare as human nature is so stubborn- but we need to always pray and offer acts of penance and sacrifice for that intention), or be removed by good bishops like Wenski- who I knew was a good bishop when he said once and I am paraphrasing "we need to examine our consciences before receiving Holy Communion at Mass because modern people think going to Communion is "like going to a birthday party" in which everyone should get a piece of cake, even if they are a jerk like their Uncle Bob- far too many Catholics today think Communion is like that, but they forget if we have serious sin on their souls it brings condemnation upon ourselves, quoting St. Paul." He said it much more cleverly and with biting humor, but the bottom line is he confronts things- hopefully the cesspool of the Diocese of Miami will not suck that vibrant faith and courage out of him. It can easily happen- esp. since homosexual priests are particularly nasty since they usuaally have no moral scruples.

  7. "don't forget some priests are trying to live a quiet, often heroic life of faithfulness, in the midst of this corruption"

    I'm aware of that, but right now I keep a distance from all priests, as I've been burned too many times.

    "this is why we need your daily prayers"

    Praying hard and have seen many good results in the midst of the tragedies.

    "I understand Clark if you are reluctant to do so- since so many priests have let you down!"


    In a weird way I think all of this is good. I remember we used to pray that Our Lord would purify His Church. Well, it seems he is doing it, so I better get my shit together too. (Finger always pointing back)

    I was wrong MERCURY, it is worse:

  8. Clark, that is bad, but you have to understand what "leaving the Church" means in Germany.

    All citizens and resident aliens in Germany pay a certain percentage of their wages according to religion (5%, I think), and most Germans are registered as Catholic or Protestant, but Jews, Muslims, etc. also collect taxes through the government. Even non-believers have to pay a similar amount, which is used for "humanist" purposes.

    The result is that even though most of these people don't go to Church or even give it a second thought, they remain cultural Catholics - often having baptisms, weddings, and funerals in the Church. And it doesn't matter anyway, since they'll be spending that much of their income regardless of what they are doing. Those who "austreten" from the Church have in effect already left years ago or were never really there in the first place. Leaving is a statement, as in "well why am I even paying my money to the Church anyway, I don't believe this stuff and they're a bunch of molesters" - I don't think it represents any fundamental change in belief or lifestyle for most people doing it - just the sloughing off of a cultural inheritance.

    Of course, this may have positive results. Pope Benedict has commented on how the system is set up, which encouraged priests and bishops not to rock the boat by preaching the Truth. Even if they do (half-heartedly) believe in it, they keep their mouths shut because
    they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them (through the Kirchensteuer - the church tax). In other words, it's a financial advantage to have a bunch of non-practicing cultural Catholics who pay the 5% tax (cause they've got to pay 5% regardless), as opposed to preaching the truth and pissing people off.

  9. However, the media in Germany have been far worse than our own dear media against the Catholic Church - reporting falsehoods, distorting statitsics, implying things and selectively reporting others. Add to that the fact that heresy is an enormous problem in Germany (as it is in the Netherlands and Belgium, though I think the French who have managed to remain Catholic are actually somewhat traditional) - Hans Küng is admired very much by priest and laity alike.

    Some theologians and a large number of priests are even trying to foment outright schism - which is the reason the Vatican has been slow to crack down on the heretical crap (heresy can be fought with the truth, but formal schism is much much harder to heal).

    All I can say is that Catholics who bitch about the "AmChurch" had better thank the Lord that they live in the US, where the topics are even discussed by Catholic clergy and laity. In Germany and much of Europe, contraception and premarital sex are given a wink and a nod, and abortion is not even on the political radar (though our laws are actually much more insanely diabolical in that regard). When I lived in Germany it was hard to know who to turn to for any sort of orthodox guidance, and I think the failure of my marriage can be partly laid at the feet of the German Church, a great deal of whose priests and theologians actively agitate against Rome. People, including my wife's family, God bless them, are totally, utterly, and mind-bogglingly ignorant of their Faith, and believe what the media and the Zeitgeist tells them.

  10. The photo looks Hitchcock...


  11. I'm confused. There have been rumors about Bishop Favalora and the goings on in Miami for years. When Terri Schiavo was being murdred I recall someone bitterly writing that Favalora was too busy with personal matters. The person was discreet but he was clearly inferring something. So why are people acting like this is a new discovery?

  12. I wrote about it because it is a new discovery for me. Evidently I'm not as up to date on stuff as you are Dymphna.

  13. Thanks for the responses Mercury.

  14. I've heard this before, too, as well as about other bishops, some of whom speak out forcefully and often about "teh gays." There's an elemantary school adage that goes something like, "The smeller's the teller."

    Do not mind me, however. I'm going to hell and trying to take you with me.

  15. Thom - I don't get that. I have a hard time believing a bishop could be gay or promote anything like this in his diocese. I for one do not believe it - no matter what you and Dymphna say!


  16. I've been following this very closely. I have passed it on to only a very few people.

    It is certainly the most abominable scandal since the revelations of 2002 in Boston and elsewhere about child sexual abuse.

    And the media have not published one word on it because the perpetrators (like most of them in 2002) were homosexuals. But this time they have been caught dead to rights.

    The new religion of the media is homosexuality and they wouldn't dare embarrass their gods by publishing this story.

    Is there anything they publish that we can believe?

    Someone once said that everything that a certain author wrote was a lie, including the words 'a', 'and', and 'the'."

    I would say that this applies to the main stream media today.

    Search for it as "Miami Vice."

  17. Thanks Ray - I'm kidding when I wrote, "I for one don't believe a word of it."

    Matbe such scandals appear to be so quickly hushed up because they are commonplace. Rumor has it in our own diocese...

  18. Anonymous3:22 PM

    When we rid ourselves of all the homo Bishops, the Church will look very different. Until then? Business as usual a la Miami.

  19. As a convert to Catholicism, I have been surprised by how many priests are gay. It seems to me that while many foreign-born men and those who chose the priesthood as a second vocation are straight, American men who enter the priesthood as young adults are nearly all gay, at least in the Archdiocese of Miamai.

    When one still fairly young man left the priesthood and became engaged to a woman, I was startled, as he is the only young, American straight priest I have ever met. I had always thought he was gay, but then I don't have "gaydar"


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