Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Boston's St. Cecilia's... Gay?

Once again, in the diocese where “relativism” is a household word, we’ve got a Boston Catholic parish hosting a Mass to celebrate “Gay Pride” with the full knowledge of the archdiocesan hierarchy. The same parish’s “Rainbow Ministry” is also sponsoring a trip to see the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus and on the same page with those notices, they ask parishioners to support the retirement, medical and financial needs of the priests of the Archdiocese who have have given their lives to faithfully serve Christ.

The parish is St. Cecilia in Boston. - The entire story here.
I used to work there in the '70's.  At the time it was a rather run down, traditional parish ruled by a Monsignor Mackey.


  1. Ummmmmm, isn't pride a sin?

    And if, as "they" say, "Homosexuality is not a choice", then why would deserve to take pride in it?

    That church should be shuttered, burned to the ground, and salt poured on the scorched earth.

    Hating on me in 3,2,1...

  2. Protestant converts like myself should feel right at home in the Catholic Church because it is rife with protestants.

  3. will we ever learn?

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Terry, the mass has been cancelled!


  5. @Thopas, thanks for linking that.

  6. Scott9:00 PM

    This has been a gradual development at St. Cecilia's for some time now.

    Since Father Unni took over the church the amount of homosexual content in the weekly bulletin has grown. From various homosexual groups, homosexual authors and on and on. It was almost weekly at one point. The St. Cecilia's web site has all the old bulletins posted if one cares to read them.

    The so-called " rainbow minstry " logo on the home page is somewhat new. The ministry itself was not there when I left. The liturgical abuses aside from the promotion of homosexuality were blatent and heart breaking. This church was doing as it pleased on the day I walked out in the middle of the Mass.

    This was once my parish. Exactly what Father Unni hopes to accomplish I dare not guess. I can only hope the Archdiocese of Boston steps in and cleans house.

  7. As they say ."A little information" is a dangerous you even know any Gay Christians bud?

  8. Anonymous8:16 AM

    "Please comment with charity and avoid ad hominem attacks. Hostile comments will be deleted."

    I can't help but read these comments and sense that Catholics believe they are entitled to judge the interior lives and histories of others. I can't help but read these comments and wonder why I remain Catholic...where is charity?

    Quite possibly, heed the life of our Savior who ministered to those set apart by his society and were outcasts for reasons defined by those in authority. Pray for compassion.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think Gay Pride is solely about celebrating sexual relations between homosexuals, etc. It's a celebration of standing up against those who seek to belittle people because of their sexual orientation, and celebrating the dignity of who they are as made in the image and likeness of God (since others seek to strip it away).

  9. Wow, I can't believe there are such such rightous people on this post.
    I pray that I do not ever have to be in a church with you all, as you have no understanding of God, and you have no understanding of of true christian faith. Try reading your catchachism before opening your big mouths to spew your hate.
    As it says people who have same sex attraction are to be treated with dignity. We don't believe in homosexual acts.
    You all are lacking the love of God, and I sure hope you don't get judged the way you judge others, as you have no clue as to there struggles. Instead of being self rightous, do everyone a favor and grow a back bone, and minister to those who are struggling.
    If you can't offer the unbounding love and mercy to all people, you might as well get up from your pew, leave and never come back.
    I am so tired of this. Who do you think you all are. You all lack the fruits of the spirits and I am ashamed you call yourself catholic. Not in my book! I am glad to see the devil has convinced you how special and rightous you are, because at this point you all deserve each other! I will not offer mercy or compassion to anyone who thinks that they are so high and mighty. You are lucky that the Lord would stil offer it to you, but as I human, I am unable to offer that to anyone who is so cold and nasty.


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