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The Homosexual Network

A book by Fr. Enrique Rueda.
Now out of print, Fr. Rueda's classic can be found online but it is rather expensive.  Fr. John Harvey, the founder of Courage referenced the book frequently in his own research and writings.  I regret I never purchased the book years ago.  I never paid it much attention since Fr. Harvey seemed to cover everything in his own books.  That said, the book can help explain how and why a growing majority of Catholics now appear to accept homosexuality as normal, as well as being more receptive to same sex marriage.  Unable to quote directly from Rueda's book, I will have to rely on other online sources.  The following from Mary Ann Kreitzer:
The infiltration...

In his book, The Homosexual Network, Fr. Enrique Rueda warned of “multiple forces and practices encouraging the increased acceptance of homosexuality.” He demonstrated the mainstreaming of deviance by outlining homosexual ideology and goals and describing the growing subculture due to gay groups infiltrating schools, churches, the media, and other institutions. Rueda connected the dots between American liberalism, feminism, and the gay movement including funding sources from both government and secular foundations. It is an eye-opening work.
Rueda pointed out that sex ed textbooks, even at the elementary level, were “highly sympathetic” to homo-sexuality portraying perversion as normal. It was clearly part of the strategy to indoctrinate children from the playpen. Those who control the young control the future. Professional groups, e.g., the American Library Associ-ation (ALA) established “gay task forces” to make sure gay literature was promoted in libraries around the country. Citizens saw this acted out in their local communities. In Fairfax County, VA in the early 1990s, for example, public debate broke out over The Washington Blade, a D.C. gay paper with graphic ads placed in the free distribution area of library lobbies. Despite hearings before the library board where most citizens objected, The Blade remained and is easily available today even to children. Books with gay themes, including picture books for pre-schoolers (Heather has Two Mommies), invaded the shelves of public libraries and schools.
Rueda described the infiltration of the mainline churches through the effective networking of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, New Ways Ministry, and others who worked to establish gay task forces in both Protestant and Catholic churches. The impact devastated the Episcopal Church which is splintering and helped create the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. The John Jay study authorized by the USCCB (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) showed 80% of abuse cases involved homosexual priests molesting adolescent boys. In addition, two thirds of the bishops covered up what were often criminal acts, a scandal that could only take place because of the normalizing and acceptance of homosexuality. - Mary Ann Kreitzer

I will be adding follow up posts in the next few days.
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  1. Read also The Homosexual Agenda by Alan Sears & Craig Osten (if you haven't already.)

  2. Aceman7:55 AM

    Yup--it's a big conspiracy headed up by the gays, Jews and Freemasons.

  3. Well at least the activist is honest.

  4. Aceman — I have been doing some brief reading on Theosophy which has a very close association with some freemason groups & individuals. I have observed theosophic thought expanding and embraced in much of our culture today. Reading from their source materials, I am seeing two different cosmologies in conflict with each other. Nothing new, it is an old battle. Is that a conspiracy?


  5. cont'd

    Source for text quote below:

    The influence of Blavatsky is growing through her classical works printed in hundreds of thousands of copies, and through works of the Roerichs, Rudolf Steiner and Alice Bailey, in Russia and throughout the world. For example, The Secret Doctrine was printed in more than 250 000 copies in the course of the last decade.

    I would not be surprised if the esoteric classics would be studied in Russian universities soon. In Blavatsky’s life time members of theosophical lodges were recruited from aristocratic circles and intelligentsia.

    Today the main aim of all the esoteric organizations is to recruit members from the young people. Not only political parties and commercial monopolies are fighting for the influence over the youth, but the churches and mosques, as well as esoteric associations.

    Modern youth differs from that of the beginning of last century in the areas of education and cultural interests. Can modern theosophists work together with European, American and Russian youth? Can they adapt their teaching materials, which were written by authors belonging to the first generation of theosophists?

    It is clear that young representatives, members of the theosophical lodges of the modern youth in all countries should explain theosophy to young contemporaries in Russia and elsewhere. The influence of Blavatsky in Russia will grow through the wide dissemination of her teachings, and the teachings of Helena Roerich and Alice Bailey among Russian intelligentsia and youth.

    In the near future we could expect the publication of works on theosophy and the history of the theosophical movement, written by Russian scientists, philosophers, and historians. Passing on Esoteric Teachings to Russia: Surprisingly much is spoken about Russia in the works of the Tibetan and Master Morya.

    It explains, as is confirmed convincingly by astrological research, that to Russia in the 21st century will come an extraordinarily important mission — the founding of the New World Religion, of the new world culture of the sixth subrace of the fifth Root Race.

    The Tibetans foretold that in the 20th century, there would emerge in the world a wide range of esoteric schools. One of them would arise in Russia, later than in Western Europe or in USA. Then this school will become a higher discipleship-esoteric institution, which will work through all of Northern and Eastern Europe.

  6. cont'd

    The problems of discipleship and creating a program of training and education of disciples and members of the group of world servers in contemporary esoteric schools is complicated and interesting. This problem is eternal, and how it is decided in each historical age is dependent upon those tasks, which are placed before the disciples of a Master.

    The creation of theosophical and esoteric colleges, institutes and universities of distant esoteric training, such as the Seven Ray Institute, is the latest word in esoteric education and psychology. And so Russia is presently passing through a preparatory period. During this period the most important task is a study of the experiences in esoteric training that have accumulated in the West.

    The New Universal Teaching could not be born in Russia while it was separated from the whole world by the “iron curtain” and the Berlin Wall. Nor is it able to be born in the Russia of today: the changes have only begun, and hardly count in hastening events...."

    Masonic ritual, if examined closely, transcends Christian and Jewish thought and is inclusive of all religions, past and present, that hold to the theory of a Living God and man's divine spirit having the ability to "bind back" to his Creator. If we look at Freemasonry in this light, we should be able, by careful study, to realize our divine mission while in human form..."

    Q. Does Masonic ritual really transcends Christian thought? Just wondering.

  7. Hi Ace - that's funny and it is just the desired reaction.

    Just how obvious the network is today can be seen in organizations such as New Ways Ministries, Dignity, Michael Bayly's organization: Catholic Gays Online or whatever it is, Metropolitan Community Church, Old Catholic Church, and all of those weeping people shouting for same sex marriage at Minnesota's State capital this week. I don't see how people who recognize the 'movement' and the 'agenda' can continue to be labeled and dismissed as conspiracy theorists when it is so obvious that it is really truly organized.

    "After the Ball" activities now under way.

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  9. It's all one big cultural party and we haven't been invited.

    I'm okay with that.

    Terry - here's some interesting data on the divorce rates of same-sex couples in Europe. I'm not surprised.

  10. +JMJ+


    I knew I shouldn't have broken personal protocol and said something meaningful to Terry in his combox.

    My apologies, Terry. I'll delete it now.

  11. E! Why did you do that to me? Paul does the same thing - he removes his comments. I blog just for you Enbrethiliel and Paul S.

  12. +JMJ+

    Oh hai, Terry! You can haz comment back!

    Of course they want to indoctrinate children. How can you win this culture war without the children?

    I was browsing the Middle Grade section of my favourite bookstore the other day and found an attractively packaged new series with a very fun premise and some humourously postmodern titles. I picked up the first book, opened it to an early chapter, and started reading. The young main character has two neighbours who are both men and clearly in a long-term relationship. It's presented as very normal and bright and happy.

    This is not a new thing. There are some YA novels from over ten years ago with some of the same. I remember a Fantasy series in which a girl who has moved to a new kingdom is appalled to learn that, in her new home, a certain kind of love dare not speak its name. In her old home, she tells another character, nobody cares what your "preference" is.

    And lots of book bloggers, who are a special promotional "arm" of the publishing industry (though you shouldn't tell the FTC--LOL!), are having GBLT-themed weeks on their blogs, sandwiched between the Dystopian Lit weeks and the Steampunk weeks. Enter the contests and you might win a GLBT book of your choice, autographed by the author!

    It's all one big cultural party and we haven't been invited.

    And now I remember that one big issue when I started blogging was the dearth of good "Catholic art" and "Catholic literature" in our own day. Where are the artists and writers, many wondered. Where are the artists and writers who have both the talent and the education/training to know how to use it, far fewer asked.


    This is a website for children hosted by a Padre.

    He has been instrumental in protecting many children from the homosexual community.

    His work is worthy of our support and it is our obligation to pray for Padre Di Noto.

    When someone argues homosexuality in all its shapes and forms harms no one, check on the innocent children these monsters destroy with their perversions.

    This is what Novus Ordo Catholics are willing to accept with a burning passion.

    Traditional Catholics will never accept this; God has given them the grace to resist this evil.

    The article should have made that differentiation.

    Pray for the blogger that has the site I found this on.


  14. Without wanting to be frivolous about the Church's enemies (both within and without), I think it's a little too simple and easy to blame our current problems with homosexuality on a mere group or network of gay activists. In the last five decades there have been big changes in American society and even bigger changes in the Church's attitude to what it calls "the modern world" (i.e. America and the modern, American-style way of life). I think these are the areas where we should start to look if we want to understand what's gone wrong.

    1. It's really not a simplistic argument that Rueda is making in his book, The Homosexual Network, if that's what you're responding to. I just got his book in the mail and it's 680 pages of painstaking research of a very large and widespread movement.

      But you are certainly correct that American modernism is intimately bound up with this problem. Marxism has made deep inroads in America since the early days of the 20th century. Our Lady of Fatima was right: If not stopped, the errors of Russia would spread all over the world. Too few listened then. Now the cancer has spread, all over the world, just like she said.

      Peace be with you.


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