Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Des Hommes et des Dieux

Of Men and of Gods.
The movie tells the story of the Trappists of Tibhirine Abbey.  They were beheaded - some now say they were beheaded after their death, to cover up the fact they may have been killed by friendly fire - although taken as hostages by radical Muslims, it was first believed they were martyred.  I accept the later.  They were martyrs.  I have sand from their grave, sent to me by a dear father at New Melleray.  No matter - the monks died for peace.  They were Trappists.  For all of their critics - the Trappists I mean - the ones I know seem to live very much in kinship with the spirit Charles de Foucauld - especially those monks of Tibhirine.  Even though most Trappists live in large monasteries, many seem to carry the desert in their heart.  It seems to me the Trappists in our day retain a special character of authentic monasticism - in their unadorned simplicity, they seem to retain something of the original reform.  They remain true monks.
Anyway - I viewed a trailer from the film, Des Hommes des Deux based upon the events leading up to the deaths of the monks of Tibhirine on Idle Speculations - I hope to see the film.  I posted another short from the film above.  I had never heard of the film before today, even though it won a Golden Palm at Cannes.
Coincidently, I found an article on New Melleray this morning, check it out here.


  1. I love these monks. I feel so drawn to them that (perhaps irrationally) I feel they are a part of my life.

    Although after watching the clip, I was left wondering how the filmmakers knew which of the Trappists wanted to go and which wanted to stay?

  2. i've wanted to pre-order one of their caskets for a very long time. sometimes i visit their site just to read the cistercian philosophy on death & dying during my lunch break at work. they include pictures of the funeral rite for one of their brethren. they bury their monks directly in the ground. wonderful. did you know there's a monastery in france that re-uses old burial plots for their newly deceased because land is at a premium? they exhume the remains of the oldest plot not re-used; collect the remains of the former inhabitant and place him in a shoebox. then they lay to rest the newly deceased and use the shoebox remains of his elder brother as his pillow. his brother becomes his pillow. isn't that AWESOME?!

  3. michael r.6:21 PM

    Doughboy, I love the French tradition, and would love to read more about it, if you can remember where that reference came from. Also, for more than thirty years I have believed that God wanted me to be buried there in the foreground of that photo of yours... :)

    Terry, I think this film came in second at Cannes. ( I believe the Palme d'or went to a Thai film.) I hope to be able to view this sometime. You are lucky to have the sand from the martyrs of Our Lady of Atlas. Perhaps the Trappist martyrs will help guard me. I have a major surgery scheduled for next Tuesday, December 21st. It is to remove a large part of a tumor from my brain. Wouldn't it be something, if when I went in for the preliminary MRI's on Monday, the tumor was totally gone -- a confirmed miracle. I have never prayed for a miracle for myself, just God's will; but I don't mind if others pray for such... :)

  4. Michael - I will pray for that - I could send you some sand if you email me. I promise to pray very much for you - as will all of my readers, I am sure. Thanks for always putting up with me, I know you understand my difficulties - you are a good friend. Let's be deeply united in prayer.

  5. Michael--

    You are in my prayers and will also put you on my Carmelite prayer chain.


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  7. @ Terry Nelson

    I have linked this post to http://the-hermeneutic-of-continuity.blogspot.com/2010/12/of-gods-and-men-worth-seeing.html

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