Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas card messages.

The kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women... - 2 Timothy 3:6

I received a Christmas greeting from a friend and former colleague today.  She is perhaps in her 70's now, but she remains a very young soul.  In her day she grew to be quite important in her field and gained much respect.  She is Catholic - and was almost always a daily communicant throughout her life.  She had some moral issues at one point which obviously did not destroy her marriage - and that is a great grace.  Many people called her a phony - but I always knew she was a good phony.  If you'd ever seen the film Breakfast At Tiffany's you would know what I mean by that.
Anyway - my friend noted in her card that she has been visiting a local 'shrine' begun by followers of Christina Gallagher, the so-called Irish mystic.  (Knowing my friend, she noted it hoping I would be either full of admiration for her piety or terribly curious about these messages from Heaven.  She was looking for a reaction either way.)  My friend has always been quite convinced of her own 'devout Catholic' status, therefore I was surprised she would follow such dubious mystics.  She is very much like another woman I got to know briefly.  She too appears to be a woman very careful of her reputation and status, and quite possibly a bit presumptuous as regards her 'orthodoxy' in everything - while foolishly susceptible to unapproved private revelations and/or those who promote them.
I know it is not my place to interfere in another person's spiritual life, but I did send my friend the 'notice' on Christina Gallagher written by Gallagher's local ordinary - I printed it off from EWTN.  There is always the chance these folks do not know that some of these locutionists are also phonies.  That said, I will not be surprised if my friend dismisses my concern and offers some grand excuse to continue 'following' the group, or she might just blow me off as my other acquaintance had and follow her own instinct. 
To each his own - it is no longer my concern.  Souvent femme varie, bien fol qui s'y fie.
Photo:  Gallagher's 'stigmata'.
 "To lead astray even the elect if that were possible..." - Mark 13:22


  1. Anonymous2:48 AM

    did she respond positively? prayers for her...


  2. You wrote- "I know it is not my place to interfere in another person's spiritual life"

    I somewhat disagree, I think you do the right thing by admonishing the sinner or at least by making them aware that there is a possible error in their thinking. I believe we are our brothers keeper and have a duty to protect- (when we can) others from spiritual, emotional, or physical danger - then walk away.

    I've found your advise to be helpful though sometimes hurtful but appreciated even so. (She will get over it)

    I really don't want to end up in hell and if any of my brothern can kindly assist me in any way then I am grateful.

  3. thanks for drawing my attention to this, terry. never heard of her.

  4. Belinda - problem is, there are LOTS of people who LOVE to admonish the sinner. Got to the Catholic answers forum … did you know it's a mortal sin for a woman to wear a tank-top? I didn't (it isn't, of course). One can find lots of "admonishing" there, and they almost always have a Saint's quote to back it!

    So yeah, admonishing the sinner is good. But whose admonishment is worth listening to? If you listen to some people around here, you sin by talking and being a woman at the same time, apparently. I think we need to take our admonishment from people we trust, or at least people we know are holy - certainly not bare acquaintances.

    I'm just sick of all the internet "admonishers".

  5. Mercury, it's so true!

    I rarely read anything an admonisher writes and unless the admonishment comes from my priest or a Saint, I often will ignore it.

    The problem is that admonishment is usually done by people who are self righteous and with indignation in their hearts , instead of with love and the message doesn't even feel christian anymore. It's the hatefulness that I find so repulsive not -so much the message.

    As far as the woman who wrote to Terry goes, she left herself open to his comments thus inviting a response from Terry - an opportunity to respond with love, kindness and with Christs will in mind, I think I'd go for it. It would be better to say something pleasing to Christ than to ignore another soul at their own peril but all the while keeping in mind that this is the same thing that drives others from Christ and his church.

    I think about all of the good Christians who never said anything when people in the early seventies began to live together without benefit of marriage and look where that's got us. The worldly - "Live and let live" philosophy hasn't served us very well either.

  6. what mercury said. if i want terrys' opinion on something, i email him apart from the comments. otherwise asking questions < here and elsewhere > invites - legitimately, because of the nature of a blog - comments, admonishments, etc. for the inquirer. i got sick to my stomach watching the back & forth that occurred on this blog not so long ago. it's so disheartening.

  7. Yes Doughboy, I agree but this post was talking about a letter response written to a woman in private.

    I can say anything I want to in private. I can be as big 'a ass as I have the courage to be but in public it's a whole different matter. ;)
    It's wrong to humilate another person in public. If your not nice when you correct someone and with love then no one will listen to you anyway and your wasting your time.
    Sometimes prayers and penance work better anyway.

  8. Anonymous7:11 PM

    This Gallagher woman is a crook, she has a 'house of prayer' is the west of ireland that my grandmother has been going to for years. She has a pretty big following and receives money from everyone. I know that my granny often gave her her pension and more or less went hungry for a while because of her. she uses the venerable to line her pockets. She owns 2 mansions in ireland that i know about. she should be stoped.


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