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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mass Chat: Nothing to say.

Nothing to report really.
Except maybe my report for the clothing police:  It was unseasonably warm so I wore clean jeans - kind of tight - with a new leather belt and a charcoal t-shirt beneath a khaki shirt - I also wore black shoes and black socks.   
What else?
I waved to a friend of mine across the church at the sign of peace. 
Oh!  I received Communion in the hand while standing - bowing first of course, and then I received the Precious Blood as well.  I don't always drink from the cup, but I wasn't totally aware of myself at the moment and just gravitated towards the EMHC.  I made my confession about an hour and a half before Mass, and spent the rest of the time keeping Our Lady company in the little Lady chapel.  I prayed the rosary.  I 'learned' that from St. Charbel who always prayed the rosary before Mass.  I think the rosary is especially efficacious to recollect the soul before Mass - I like it best when I can pray it quietly and privately.
We had a visiting priest who offered the Mass very prayerfully.  The thanksgiving silence after Communion seemed especially generous.  I left the church secretly by the side door after Mass hoping to remain recollected as long as possible.
That's about it.


  1. Every Holy Mass, in fact, actualizes the redeeming sacrifice of Christ. Mary, who is always present in Christ’s life, is present on Calvary beneath the Cross and is also present with the Church in each one of our Eucharistic Celebrations. No one better than she, therefore, can teach us to understand and live Holy Mass with faith and love. Happy Sunday!

  2. Were they black jeans?


    Praying the Rosary before Mass is something I enjoy as well. Often, I get cranky as people continue to just prattle away around me but, well, it is what it is.

  3. we have so much in common it's scary.

  4. "Were they black jeans?"

    No, but they were supposed to be loose fit.

  5. I also wore denim today..but it was in the form of a mid-calf length skirt...

    A seafoam-green short sleeve sweater...after all..the weather is getting chilly...I never know what eyeshadow to wear with seafoam eyeshadow just doesn't work with my blue eyes :)

    Add my conservative rubber-heeled lace-up sandals--I will be EMHC today and these sandals will not slip on the slick wood and marble steps we have..

    So nice chaste little outfit I have.. unless someone has scruples about the kick pleat in the which I would cattily respond..."So you are looking at my backside when you should be praying??" Gets them every time..

    We had procession of the youngsters who will be receiving First Communion ths coming spring..good size class.

    Also met a young lady during our Carmelite meeting who will be entering Carmel possibly next summer.. she has to complete a teaching contract first...please pray for her..her name is Vanessa.

    Terry--I like your ourfit :)


    P.S. dinner tonight is frills since I was pretty much otherwise occupied this past weekend.

  6. I wore blue slacks, a short-sleeve white polo shirt and brown shoes. The pants weren't tight, but the shirt highlighted my bulging biceps.

  7. I wore a pair of crappy faded jeans and and a Pendleton wool checkered flannel type shirt with a black t-shirt underneath. My white tennis shoes were scuffed and didn't match my clothing. I was ate up with bug bites and my daughters hair was a ratted ball of mess and we smelled like a camp fire. The day before we went to a pow wow in Marysville Missouri and realized that Conception Abby was on our way home so naturally we had to stop and even though we were kinda gross.

    We went to mass with 80 or so seminarians it was cool. I was waiting for someone to say something unkind about our appearance but it didn't happen. Yea!

    I love being catholic. I really do!

  8. This is just a stupid comment, but when I saw "Mass chat", I thought of "Jack talk"...I'm losin' it, big time~!


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