Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mass Chat: Bishops will be bishops.

I should probably change the title of these posts to "Church Chat".
So, this joint is jumpin' - the Church I mean.  Lambs chopped, churches closing in MPLS/STP.  Somehow it seems appropriate all of this should take place on the weekend commemorating St. Ignatius of Antioch - the saint who said, "Where the bishop is, there is the Church."  Difficult as all of these developments are, Catholics must have faith... these are days when our faith is tested.  Even as our structures, our supports are torn away... it is like a chastisement, wouldn't you agree?
The strangest thing of all:  The suppression of the Intercessors, and Fr. Euteneuer's book on exorcism.
It appears there is some connection?  Or not?  Though I haven't studied the reports - I'm just going by what Spirit Daily reports as well as a couple of emails I received on the matter.
An old lady forced out onto the street.  From Spirit Daily:
Former superior of the Intercessors, M. Nadine Brown, who turns 81 next week and whose group specialized in deliverance, discernment, and "spiritual warfare" -- described the actions as "drastic" and asserts that "I've never, ever been disobedient to a bishop ever." She said that out of the fifty, forty sisters have gone with the archdiocese and are now being housed in a monastery just outside of Omaha while 11 others chose to return home or are staying with her in a motel. The former mother superior asserts that the canonical lawyer "was not interested in our charism," disapproved of receiving "words of knowledge," and that on the following Monday she was ordered to leave the premises by noon without being given any means of financial support. She also says she was threatened with excommunication if she left the diocese -- although that may now be allowed since the suppression has nullified vows. - Spirit Daily 
That's cold.  Evidently these people didn't see this coming.  Approved by two former bishops, Brown and the congregation were evidently seeking further canonical approval when the Archbishop ordered her resignation and the visitation.  How could the Intercessors have been so oblivious that something was brewing against them?  How strange is it that an archdiocese moves so quickly to break up a particular community heretofore well known and respected?   There are a lot of questions to this story - another one is:  "Do the Intercessors have recourse to appeal the decision?  After all - the Church is governed by Canon Law... or is this case some how exempt, and people can just be thrown out on the street over night?"
Devil stuff.
In our own archdiocese, a priest active in deliverance ministry was transferred from his parish to another facility as a chaplain, and at that time he was no longer permitted to do radio or allow his homilies to be published.  As far as I know - the priest is still on the sidelines.  Deliverance ministry is pretty touchy stuff.
Take Fr. Euteneuer for instance.  Was he called back from the lecture/book tour circuit to his diocese because his exorcist status was taking precedence over his Human Life International work?  Euteneuer evidently lauded the work done by the Intercessors... is there some connection to his being pulled back into obscurity.  It appears his book will no longer be published either.  Again, from Spirit Daily:
In a development that had no apparent connection, it was also announced last week that a book by Father Thomas Euteneuer, the former head of the large pro-life group, Human Life International, will be discontinued. The book, Exorcism and the Church Militant, which ironically lauded the Intercessors, was in wide circulation. Weeks before, Father Euteneuer left the organization when he was recalled to his home diocese after a reported controversy. A spokesman for HLI told Spirit Daily that the organization simply decided it was not its role to promote material on exorcism. "There was no problem fatal to the book," said the spokesman, Stephen Phelan, adding however that had it been reprinted, several changes would have been necessary. Limited copies remain available through Ignatius Press. - Spirit Daily 
The plot thickens... 
But I doubt there is a connection - I'm not sure bishops 'conspire' like some of their critics would suggest.
As for new orders or communities being reined in or suppressed - happened all the time in the history of the Church - especially in Europe.  At the time of St. Francis there were extreme penitent groups, at other times, lots of hermits here and there whose religious observance was questionable, attracting a cult following.  Reformers of the great orders were also under scrutiny, and sometimes founders of orders were even excommunicated, expelled from the community, or silenced.  Bishops have to safeguard the faithful from error and heresy.  And face it - sometimes people need to be saved from their own delusions. 
In days to come however, we are going to hear some bad stuff about the bishops - suggestions of Masonic influences, heresy, gay stuff...  __it's hitting the fan now.


  1. I think a little dissertation on Freemasonry is needed.

    Do not discount the evil coming from these Lodges. The Fallen Archangel resides therein.

    We know not the day or the hour when the darkness will be dispelled in our lives and we are to be the ones to dispel darkness in others lives.

    We have a darkness that is crowding our entire world: it is the darkness of the Jew, who desired to set Christ upon a cross. They conspired to put Him up there; they went to the political powers, they went to the religious homes, and the financial event; they paid off with thirty pieces of silver.

    Today we must look at those three same things: the money, the politics and the Faith.

    Just as the Faith brought prosperity to Society and to those that proclaimed their faith in Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ was proclaimed King, Our lady was lifted up, the Priesthood was lifted up, the Church was lifted up. The Light of the World was lifted up, so the world went forward.

    Then came a Jewish desire to once again kill Christ. As they killed Him in His physical body, the wanted to also kill Him in His Mystical Body.

    How could this be accomplished?

    First they had to gain the financial power. They took over the financial power by establishing the Banking System, using our own funds to do their dirty work.

    After establishing their financial power, the Jews set off to establish Political Power. They established the Masonic Lodges. The Masonic Lodges are the political right hand of the Jew.

    Using this political power, they began to cast Christ down one nation at a time, lifting up these three terms: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. The Masonic creed.

    These are the principals upon which America was established; the Statue of Liberty, the goddess Colombia is its ‘holy mother.’

    This Masonic arm is the power that goes through the world in order to cast Christ down; it established a one world brotherhood, a one world religion, a one world economics, a one world politics.

    All of Americas Presidents who have come through colleges and universities, at which there were Masonic Lodges, were inculcated with satanic principals.

    Just as there is a Mystical Body of Christ, the Jew had to establish the anti-mystical body.

    As there are those who are believers, there is a State that proclaims “We do not believe”.

    The Jew formed the Russian Revolution and the Communists. A communist attitude that sets us not as God sets us, as persons, sources of personal responsibility, each one with an immortal soul.

    Instead, out of Communism comes a new philosophy that says you are nothing more than a species, expendable to the State.

    We need to become the victims that Christ asked us to be, ready to lay down our lives if it is necessary to proclaim that there is dignity in each and every human being.

    That dignity is God’s presence.

    Original Sin has flourished that we are now in the state that there is a battle going on.

    That battle is won by the Blood of the Lamb, and by consecrating ourselves to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. They are joined.

    We must do the battle that is most necessary to redeem our families by seeking forgiveness of the sins that have plagued us and have destroyed our families.

    Our Society needs to rejuvenate itself through the understanding of the need for prayer in union with God, through the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.

    We are in this battle for eternity. Our immortal soul is eternal.

    If we give up, if we are not faithful, it is because we have entered into impurity.

    It is purity that gives us the strength to be faithful.

    The obstacles that face us in the world and in our social society remind us that we are called to be Christs. If that means we are to go to a cross as He did, let us go there bravely, knowing there is a purpose.

  2. Our lord has no hands but our hands to do His work today,

    Our Lord has no feet but our feet to lead others in His way,

    Our Lord has no tongue but ours to tell men and women how He died,

    Our Lord has no help but our help to bring others to His side.

    In the cause of these Religious that were given the boot, maybe some of them overstepped their duties and responsibilities.

    At one point, you can begin to help the Devil’s cause rather than hinder it.

    One thing is for certain:

    If the people have diabolical disorientations or infestations, the Bishop should stand in the public square and have all those with problems come forward, and address each issue, individually, then collectively, as a Parish.

    There are Roman Catholic Rituals that can be used to dispel the works of Satan and his followers.

    It is a shame that people other than Priests have had to fight this on their own.

    A good question to ask on a Vatican level is “Why are our issues with diabolical not being addressed by our Bishops?”

    If Bishops acted with lightning speed against Freemasons in positions of authority in the Parishes and Bishop’s offices, as they did against these religious, I believe a significant amount of employees would have to be dismissed. They should be put out into the street with the same lack of Charity, if not less.

    The work of Freemasons is gruesome; it comes from the Murderer, the Father of Lies. It cannot have beauty or Truth.

    We must rebuke Satan, and all his works and all his deeds.

    There is an apparition of the Holy Mother that will be four hundred years old this coming February.

    It is called Our Lady of Good Success.It is worth looking at.

    I entrust this whole matter in the hands of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, “Mother of the Priest par excellence, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and through Him, of all priests in whom she forms her Son”.


  3. I know nothing of the Intercessors or of the ARchbishop Lucas, for that matter, but I wonder if the IOL had their roots in Medjugorje?

    On their website (which is up for sale) there are comments from the disowned members, among others. Interesting info there. One commentor says that Michael Brown, the owner of Spirit Daily is the brother of Nadine Brown.

    With so much turmoil (both in the Catholic Church and even outside it, in the many zillions of protestant denoms), it is a tough job trying to walk the straight and narrow--how near the edge of the precipice every step seems to be along the way. Lord help us all.

  4. Gette - If she is related to Michael Brown then we know it runs in the family. I still think they were suppressed because of the habits and the spaceship style church.

    (Kidding... or am I, Pablo?)

  5. Anonymous2:38 PM

    "Standin' here, baptized in all my know I'm cryin'...oooooo..."

  6. Gette - I just read the comments on the site you mentioned - they all sound nuts - the commenters and the theology.

  7. Yes, definitely strange ideas there. "Transference" had me scratching my head!

  8. I always thought it was weird that exorcists would write books about exorcisms, on many levels. Privacy seems like an issue; for me an exorcism seems like a huge deal, of the sort that you wouldn't discuss with too many people, so it seems odd that the exorcist would publicize certain cases, akin to a confessor publicizing spectacular confessions. Yes, I know, due to the seal of the confessional, that can't happen, but I'm surprised that there isn't a seal of the exorcist which would prevent the exorcist from providing information to the public about his work.

    I'd also be concerned that these sorts of books would attract those who are mentally unstable, either due to circumstances or mental health issues and those exploring the occult.

  9. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Why should someone working for or volunteering at Church stop because they are SSA? I know some who are good, orthodox Catholics. Is this regarding a particular incident, or did you write this as a generalization?

  10. Anonymous11:48 PM

    The IOL were not broadsided by Archp Lucas' decision. No, they were broadsided by Nadine Brown's presumption, arrogance and false spirituality. There were many warnings and many critics through the years but they were always seen as persecution.

    The concerns and inquiry into the IOL's inner workings began long before Archp Lucas was even appointed to Omaha. Why didn't Archp Curtiss just approve their request before he retired if he didn't have concerns? I'm afraid you are reading lots of "spin" on Spirit Daily.

  11. Freemasons and Jews ... really?

  12. michael r.7:22 AM

    Freemasons and Jews and homos -- still the easy targets.

  13. Anonymous - which one am I responding to? See why not using a name is so annoying fellas? So anyway - it was a generalization and a couple of cases in point - which I won't take the time to elaborate on... let it be an 'enigma'.

    Mercury - sounds crazy I know. When Lucas was first consecrated bishop - for what See I can't recall - he had his reception at a Masonic hall - I'm sure it was because it was a small town and that had been the largest facility or something like that. Anyway - that's why the reference to the "easy targets" as Michael calls it.

    Michael R. - first I'm happy you're out of the hospital. Second - that was kind of my point - but I didn't realize it came off like that. LOL!

  14. I took the 'tips' down - I just realized it could have been misconstrued as a reference to a recent termination in this archdiocese - it had nothing to do with that at all.

  15. The other anonymous - I was pretty much getting my info from the archdiocese statements - it was just convenient to link to Spirit Daily - I posted today regarding more humane considerations for the members of the Intercessors and those like them in other 'charismatic' associations of the faithful.

  16. "But I doubt there is a connection - I'm not sure bishops 'conspire' like some of their critics would suggest."

    I think there's a program, like the 'We Are Church' agenda didn't make up itself, and throughout the world, the toxic growths of modernism make themselves felt in terms of dying religious houses, altar naves, the music of Mike Joncas, the interior design of Eric Gill or Notebaart, the interior design of Moodry or the hideous and homo-erotic scultpure of a Jerome Tupa.

    The nice thing is that a lot of this non-sense is thought up in the Midwest.

    But don't just stop at church design, worship or the education of the clergy and religious life. Education is important too, and look what's happened to THAT.


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