Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mass Chat: The Archbishop's DVD on Preserving Marriage in Minnesota - not a big hit.

This Sunday's homily was all about the Bishop's of Minnesota DVD mailing and subsequent protests Father has received since it was announced and delivered.  I have no idea if that is the experience of pastors across Minnesota, but I kind of wanted to respectfully ask Father, "What did the Archbishop, and you, expect?  Kudos?"  If stats are correct, it is my understanding a high percentage of Catholics have ignored Humanae Vitae and Church teaching regarding artificial birth control and in-vitro fertilization, divorce and remarriage, sterilization procedures, and so on and on - for decades.  A recent poll suggests Catholics do not even know the basics of the faith - like, 'what is communion anyway'?  So the fact that people are not going to take a liking to the Preserving Marriage in Minnesota campaign should not really be a surprise - at least in more liberal Minneapolis.

In his homily, the pastor also expressed regret that most of the people he has spoken to haven't even bothered to watch the DVD.  I read the cover letter and all of the media coverage and I know what the DVD is all about - In fact, as readers already know, I completely agree with the Archbishop's statements and teaching.  I accept it and support the Archbishop.  I will watch the DVD sometime soon.  Other's won't.
Prayers for the Archbishop and his priests - the other shoe will drop when changes in the archdiocese are announced  in the next couple of weeks... hold onto your pews - literally!


  1. Terry, I am not surprized by the reaction either. It would get about the same reaction here in "Catholic" DBQ if our Archbishop ever had the courage to really do something. The only time he does anything is when the Iowa Conference forces him to as Metropolitan. & then only as little as he can get away with.

  2. Thanks Al - we are so blessed to have Archbishop Nienstedt.

  3. "The new normal" - I thought that exact same thing two days ago as I read the Drudge report - there was so much "crazy" going on over there that when it's presented in bulk form it begins to appear normal.

  4. Of course I haven't seen the DVD, since I am in another diocese. I'm assuming it just presents basic Church teaching. However I personally would be much more likely to read a letter; and in fact that is the more usual approach; the pastor reads the letter from the archbishop from the pulpit at the weekend Masses, and publishes it in the bulletin. The reason I prefer that? It takes about 3 minutes as opposed to 30 min. or so to watch a video. I don't have the patience to watch all the news videos online, either; if I can't find a print version, forgetaboutit.
    I'm sure that Archb. Nienstadt is probably trying to reach the segment who don't come to Mass; but it seems doubtful how effective that method is going to be.

  5. Blessings to his grace for having the courage and integrity to teach the faith, but it's true: what would any priest expect after decades of not hearing a peep from the clergy (publicly, from the ambo anyway) about co-habitation, sex outside of marriage, divorce, contraception, and now gay sex and 'marriage.' We laity who have wanted to do what WE wanted to do with our lives could shop around and find any priest to give us a pass on our pet issue(s). But better late than never. I'm glad that the increasingly decadent culture we live in is shaking the bishops awake and they are choosing more often than not to teach the truth of the faith. People may protest, bitch & moan, but that only means it's needed all the more; our shepherds have struck a nerve. Each of us needs to be made to feel uncomfortable in our faith lives from time to time; if you don't feel uneasy about something in your faith life now & again, something's wrong (IMHO). But even those who protest are hungering like everyone else for authenticity. Let's pray for each other that we all will have eyes to see and ears to hear the Truth when He comes knocking.

  6. We live in a pretty rural situation...the whole "same sex marriage thing" really is not an issue for the "inhabitants"...but let me tell you, their "progeny" who have moved to the bigger cities, it's another matter altogether.
    I know of various situations where the "same sex marriage" is a fact within these families; and although, some of them try to cope others are heartbroken...absolutely at their "wit's end"...because they cannot understand nor fathom what this is all about.
    If a bishop or priest does not teach clearly what the Church teaches, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, they will be held accountable; if a priest in the confessional does not make it clear that same sex activity is immoral...even if they are "together" (and celibate relationships ARE possible, as long as no scandal is given), then they are contributing to the further confusion and anarchy.
    I would not have a problem with two men or two women who loved one another, were together and even cohabited...but sexual purity, chastity, moral integrity is absolutely essential...separate beds, commitment to live as "siblings", etc. and no scandal.
    There IS a "middle ground" here...understanding that many homosexual persons suffer so much from lack of love, abuse, rejection...and the family situations from which they came... as Christ loves; otherwise, it's just chaos and bedlam.

  7. You should have seen how Father Bauer handled it.

  8. What did he do? Are you going to post about it?


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