Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Sister, Carol Keehan

White House visitor logs just released!  What's the deal, Deal?
Sr. Carol Keehan, president of the Catholic Health Association, has been a frequent guest at the Obama White House.  Visitor logs just released reveal that Sr. Keehan visited the White House 15 times since the beginning of the present administration.  However, on seven occasions, Sr. Keehan met with President Obama himself -- that's a remarkable level of access.  It reflects Sr. Carol's importance in the eyes of the administration in both passing the health care bill and controlling the ongoing health care debate. InsideCatholic

Due to the Obama-Keehan health care agreement, Catholic seniors just might be sleeping in their cars. (JK)

Nursing home closures:
St. Paul-based Franciscan Health Community said it will close its St. Mary's Home in Highland Park because of financial challenges that officials say span the nursing home industry.  "This was an extremely difficult decision to make, but the current model of care is no longer viable given changes in health care funding combined with the costly improvements needed to our 74-year-old facility," Stanislav said. - Story here.


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Oh! I am so sad to hear of St.Mary's closing! I had so many clients who would request that place for short term rehab or want to be on the waiting list for permanent stay. There are few places for our elderly in long term care that will respect their religion and foster it in their last days. (Not sure if St. Mary's was still that way or not). It is their greatest need as they walk toward the Lord to have their faith protected and fostered. It breaks my heart to think of those who are now left to find someplace new to adjust to. That adjustment can literally kill them. Poor souls.

  2. And from what I remember on the BH, Mrs. Drysdale has probably had too many martinis!!:<)!
    What a load of whatever-the-hell-they're-putting-on-the-fields-today here; we vote for pig poop.
    It reeks.
    Maybe, just maybe Sr. K. will get her wings clipped; just in time for her to meet Jesus (she's old, I'd guess)...better to get it now than later...cause eternity is an awfully LOOOOOOONG time, if ya know whatta mean!

  3. Anonymous - it is a very sad day as Catholic facilities close - especially for our elderly - who as you noted need the comfort of their Catholic institutions in their last days.

    Father - You are right - Mrs. D had a few too many. I try so hard to bring a smile with bad news. ;)

  4. Washington bureaucrats love to tell people that they need to make multi-million dollar improvements in their properties or else get closed down.

    They don't have to worry about that at all for their departments.

    They generally have lifetime tenure and never have to worry about income, their spendthrift superiors always come through.

    Then they will go whining to Congress (and the press) that billions will be needed to providing new housing for senior citizens, and they get to administer the program. New jobs for them, and again, job security.

  5. Anonymous12:03 AM

    She looks a lot like Jane Hathaway from Beverly Hillbillies. No?

  6. Anonymous - she certainly does - which is why I used Ms. Hathaway's photo for this post instead of Sr. Carol's. Abbey Roads presents the news with a twist.

  7. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Good choice. Miss Hathaway was a kind of forerunner to the modern sister, though more likable perhaps.


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