Friday, October 22, 2010

Burke's Law: Simpson's to be denied communion. (JK)

The producer of the show said they are not Catholic.
It's one hell of a mess - an entire family denied communion, raked over the coals by Catholic media - just because they are a bad example of family life.  The Simpson's never pretended to be faithful Catholics, but that didn't stop some Italian Jesuit nobody trying to recruit them - what these religious guys won't do for donations and a little taste of celebrity.  As it turns out, now Fr. Orchetta denies he meant what he said:
"I wouldn't say they're Catholic, I would say they're people of faith," said Occhetta. Watching the Simpsons "could help us" spiritually, he added. - Sydney Morning Herald
Oh really?  What next?  Homer is gay?  D'oh!  Try sellin' coffee instead.
Photo:  Fr. Sirico in his gay-marriage days at Metropolitan Community Church.


  1. michael r.11:29 AM

    Very cute!

  2. I have to get offline - my humor is going off the rails. Sorry!

  3. Why the jab at Fr. Sirico?

  4. LOLOL!! You're a hoot!

  5. Mr. Terry: Don't you dare go off-line!!
    Under "holy obedience" (like I have any jurisdiction here!!)
    If you don't laugh, you cry, and well, this is just too funny...
    You crack yourself crack a lot of us up! And we LOVE IT!!

  6. And if y'all want a gander at what the "liberal dissenters" think:

    I have nothing to say that is not obscene or nasty, so I shall refrain.
    Jesus, mercy! is all I can say at this point.

  7. I have no idea what is going at LO.
    Somebody should pull "in the reigns"...Italians..sheesh...
    Homer Simpson a Catholic?
    When pigs fly...
    The past year there has been one idiotic commentary after another...
    the '60's are freaking over, Italian Catholic wanna be "cool" priests and journalists...just plug into the 21st century...
    Here in the USA we're just shakin' our heads and wondering what the hell y'all are smokin'...

  8. Terry ~ You do realize that there is a "Fr. Sirico" who was a great guide to St. Francis de Sales, right?

    Um..could you do a post on him and do you have his book? I really wanna read it but wanna get the right one.

    What the vatican reporter didn't realize as he's obviously not an actual fan of the Simpsons, was that there was only ONE Catholic episode, it was very faithful, but the rest of them are pluralistic at best.

    So of course they aren't Catholic.

    Oh...wait...yeah...I guess that fits the description of the average pewsitter, sadly (from one on the front lines..)

  9. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Watching the Simpsons "could help us" spiritually, he added. So says the Jebbie. Yep, and if you are a Jeusit, these days, it is not at all implausible to think the the Simpsons serve as their spritual guides.

  10. Adoro - I did not know that.

    Maria - LOL!


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