Monday, September 20, 2010

"They" just keep getting appointed...

It doesn't matter who is pope.
Jozef De Kesel, the new Bishop of Bruges, has placed celibacy and the status of women within the church under debate. In addition, he sees the church as blind to the suffering of abused victims.
.According to De Kesel, celibacy should no longer be required [for a person] to be a priest. "One could say that there should be celibate priests, but, for people to whom celibacy is humanly impossible, the opportunity should be given of becoming a priest," he told Radio 1.
The bishop is also open to the possibility of women priests. "That is certainly negotiable and I hope for it, but it is still more sensitive than the issue of celibacy. I think that the discussion about celibacy can proceed much faster than the debate on the admission of women to the priesthood." - Rorate Caeli

Some days I think (fear) there is a very good chance it's really going to happen:  Married priests.  Women priests.  Gay priests.  Everything has already gone this far already.  Without a miraculous return to traditional Catholic teaching, it's only a matter of time... 
Apres Benoit, le deluge!


  1. As I have heard from several different sources, we must remember that Jesus chose Judas as 1 of the 1st bishops & look how he turned out. Sadly there have always been bad bishops, sometimes more than at other times.

    We need to remember celebacy is a discipline, not a requirement. Eastern Catholics have married priests & some married men who were originally protestant pastors have been ordained as priests after the converted, it is unlikely the rule will be changing soon. & even in the Eastern Catholic Churches the Bishops must be celebate. & in both the Eastern & Western Catholic Churches they must be married before ordination to the deaconate.

    As for women priestesses, if that happenned then the Catholic Church would no longer be the Catholic Church.

  2. We also have to remember that there are about 10 Catholics left in Belgium. And after about 50 years or so of population decline, there may be about 10 Belgians in Belgium.

  3. Mercury said
    'We also have to remember that there are about 10 Catholics left in Belgium'


  4. I was told by some inner circle friends in the order that during JPII's Pontificate, consistency with the Pope's view on celibacy of secular priests, women priesthood and the homosexual question is a must for ordination to the episcopate. My friend who was a Provincial was asked such question when a friar of his Province was a candidate for bishops.
    So i am a bit curious why De Kesel was ordained to the episcopate in the first place, bearing in mind that BXVI would be even much stricter than JPII.
    (But again, I haven't told you what I feel about these issues yet - but I digress.)

  5. Forgive me when I display discouragement about these things. I agree ordaining women is impossible for the Catholic Church.

  6. Mercury:

    Know also that there will not be a Belgium in ten years.

    The French and the Flemish have never gotten along and have resorted to armed conflicts more than once.

    It is fitting that Brussells is one of the capitals of the EU. There probably will be a huge battle over the existence of the EU in the next ten years too as the "Have" countries get tired of supporting the "Have Not" countries.

  7. Bishops aren't that big of a deal in tiny countries.

    Cardinals are big deals because they vote for future popes.

    Watch to see if Belgium gets a Cardinal to replace the retired Cdl. Danneels. I say now. More cardinals will go to Africa and other third world countries.

    Rumor has it that there will be a consistory in November in which the new batch of cardinals will be appointed.

  8. Truth be told Belgium isn't even really a country, and never has been. People see themselves as Walloons or Flemish. the whole country was created to put a buffer between France and her neighbors.

    And I am predicting that the EU will crash sooner rather than later.

    I think Rome should sent bishops from Africa to Belgium and the Netherlands. It's mission territory now.

  9. Be at peace, Terry - the Holy Spirit will protect Holy Mother Church - even if the end times come and there are only 2 Catholics left.

  10. My superior just gave a retreat to the Missionaries of Charity in Belgium; told us that things there are very, very bad (Belgium, not the MCs!...they're doing quite well!).
    I think the comments here give a perspective that here in the US we need to hear.
    We just have to pray and be faithful.
    God is everything!

  11. Nothing can make cranky, pessimistic, American Catholics (most of us who complain about things here, haha) change their perspective like living in Europe for a bit. I remember a Christmas mass in Germany that included:

    -prolonged liturgical dance
    -"let us pray with the other religions of the world"
    -a homily about how George Bush deserved to have a shoe thrown at him or more

    And even THAT was better than some of the crap I've heard of in France, Belgium, or Austria.


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