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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Pope in Britain: "The Bucket residence, the lady of the house speaking!"

What Does The Pope Really Say?
"Just what he says Hyacinth - just listen to what he says.  Must you always do a play by play?"
Some of the commentary on the Holy Father's visit will be tres grande, as in grandiose and haughty and perhaps just a tad pretentious.  Reminds me of when the Holy Father visited the U.S....  Oh, who can forget the wrenching, tearful coverage and the scalded criticism of the unsuitable fashions, vestments, flower arrangements, altar table arrangements:  "no, no, no you twit - move the candle over there!"  Oh!  Oh!  And the horrid music selections, the hideous lack of decorum, and what not - right down to the canonical meaning of the Holy Father's facial expressions.  Get out the hankies!   
"If my Sheridan were here he'd be appalled!"


  1. LOL!
    I love hah~so very much!!

  2. Fr. - I'm just pushing buttons for the show. ;)


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