Saturday, July 17, 2010

Faithless priests..

And the decline of the Church.
I was reading a post on Bishop Fellay of the SSPX (The Pope seems to like him) at The Eponymous Flower blog, wherein the Bishop, speaking of the decline of the Church since Vatican II pointed out three evidential examples.  If accurate, this is the one I found most disturbing:  Citing "a chancellor of the Diocese of Trier. He has made known that 80% of the priests in the diocese deny the real presence of Christ in the Host." - Bishop Fellay
I have no way of knowing for certain if the 80% stat is correct, but it seems to me it well could be considering the manner Mass is celebrated these days (Dutch World Cup Mass) and the total lack of reverence for the Eucharist one continues to witness in many churches today.
I just read an article about a lesbian woman who converted to Evangelical Christianity, renouncing her gay lifestyle.  Nothing wrong with that, huh?  The story was on Spirit Daily and was picked up from The 700 Club website.   But get this,  before her final conversion, the woman and her girlfriend decided to get married:  "'We went to see a priest,' Janet said. 'The priest told us that what we were doing was okay, that we would still go to heaven. And so we went out and got engagement rings because we thought, ‘we’re going to get married.' he said it was OK. I wanted both. I wanted God, and I wanted to live a homosexual life. I wanted to find a way to have both.'"
This tells me that the priests who don't believe in the Real Presence most likely no longer believe in sin either.  (Switch it around if you like, one begets the other.)


  1. Yes. Definitely.
    The extensive apostasy that has (is) taken(ing) place is linked to the denial of the Real Presence and the rejection of the moral (divine and natural) law.
    Man has become God.
    It inverts the Incarnation: God became man. And severs the communion we have with God in our Lord Jesus Christ, present in the Holy Eucharist and in His Church.
    That's the sign of the anti-Christ; the Letters of Saint John make this very clear.

  2. Dear Father, I would be interested in reading about that.

    The behavior of our Priests is very clear to us children in the confessional as they chastise, belittle or preach to us about our sins- in the quiet.

    I was so put off and angry once when Terry wrote that most people will end up in hell when they die but as I've been blogging the last two years this has also become clear to me. It's true.

  3. Thanks Father.

    Belinds - you will definitely go to heaven.

  4. Well, I don't know about that Mr.Terry but as in any war, if I don't make it to the front I'm going to do all that I can to "shove" and I mean "shove" others to the front. It's not about being nice. It's the end result that counts in this battle. (However people don't like to be shoved.)
    Though there have been many things that I've learned from you one would be that no matter how painful the truth may be, people still need to hear it and even if they hate you afterwards.
    Thank you for your kindness towards me Mr.T. I've been a pain.

  5. I recall a conversation a Southern Baptist friend and I had about Heaven and Hell....he was firmly decided that he was going to Hell, and I asked him why he felt that way. Basically he said that he didn't go to church...ok, that aside, why do you think you're going to Hell?? You're baptised and saved,right?? Yeah.. You're not a bad person, right?? reach out to others and cheerfully give of your time, treasure and talents, right?? yeah... (he is definitely the person you can 911 call about anything and he will drop whatever he is doing to assist)

    So tell me again why you think you are going to Hell??

    He didn't really have an answer...

    I think we beat ourselves up far too much on our sins, beat our breasts and say Woe is me, and forget that our Father God richly blesses us with abundance in so many ways. Yes we do need to acknowledge our sins, do penance, and try to live better bit by bit, day by day. But being obsessed with our sinfulness outrightly denies the wonderfulness of the Divine Mercy. Yes, God is the Just Judge, and He knows that we will fall again and again, but the font of Divine Mercy and His Divine Love is never ending.

    I think far too many of us are like the monks in Monty Python and the Holy Grail..


  6. Bishop Fellay needs to provide his source (perferably scientific study and not some Gallup Poll) for the 80 % of priests "not believing in the Real Presence." Not a "Well I heard it from someone else whom I won't name."

    Otherwise it is just BS and does nothing more than stir up folks.

    I have a bone to pick anyway the SSPX as I was visiting relatives in Seattle in my military dress uniform (Air Force at the time), went to the local SSPX chapel for Mass and they refused me entrance because I was not "dressed properly." The ushers wouldn't even let me speak to the priest. Didn't even get an apology or "have a nice day." So nice to know that the SSPX does not welcome military members, who defends their right to worship. So they can shove it as far as I'm concerned.


  7. Sara it's true, most people will end up in hell. (At times I'm positive I'll be one of them.) Christ said..
    (Matthew 7:13-21)

    13 ‘Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road is easy* that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it. 14 For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

    I had heard that most of the women who got abortions were Christians. Most Catholics use birth control -married or otherwise. Our churches are filled with people who live lives in direct opposition to Catholic teaching- by choice. Don't forget that Christ binds us to the laws of our church. (Again Christ says -I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. 14 Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.")
    I spoke with a sweet middle aged Christian woman at the store who goes to my church and as I was talking to her about the justice of God I saw her anger began to rise I reminded her of the ten commandments and she said,"Well, I don't like to think about them." I prefer to think of Jesus and love.
    Rebellion earns us a fine seat in hell. Complete and total submission to Christ's will and that means not picking and choosing the parts we like will be the only way to salvation.

    -That means and includes the sacraments. Sometimes it seems that warm feelings aren't enough.

    I'm betting everything I've got on Divine Mercy too. :)

  8. Very little of what Fellay says is even close to true. He came quite often to our local SSPX chapel when we attended and, trust me, he is not wrapped tight.

  9. It may be true that most people will go to hell. But the correct answer to the question "Are you going to heaven or hell?" is "I don't know; I hope I will be going to heaven.

    Our Merciful Savior died for us and we have the opportunity right up until the last 1/1000th of a second to beg his forgiveness.

    This "pre-destination" belief of presbyterians/calvinists and other fundamentalists creates a lot of faith problems for people.

    We don't know when Jesus will call, so it is best to keep ourselves prepared. But He will give us that last chance.

    There might be an incredible amount of purgatory time, however (GR). But maybe your relatives and friends will be praying for you when you get there to cut the time. So be nice to them when you are alive.

  10. Just to throw this "in the pot":
    the message of Divine Mercy, esp. at this time, with our particular problems, the apostasy, the disobedience of bishops and priests, the moral confusion, is not just a coincidence.
    God wants each and every one of us to be HIS.
    People reject what they think is God's will because they are confused, ignorant, weak or just plain selfish...the message of Mercy is that God, in our Lord Jesus, makes His Plan, His Love, His Mercy present to each and every one of us at some point before our actual death/judgment.
    That's a great consolation, for me, anyway.
    So much confusion. So much ignorance. So much addiction (which, by the way, makes a free consent impossible or partial)...lots of folks in purgatory, yeah.
    I wouldn't even venture on that one.
    Church Fathers and others have been very pessimistic about the salvation of most. But it's not magisterial teaching; the Magisterium teaches that Hell is real and a real possibility for those who reject God and persevere willingly and deliberately in mortal sin.
    That's pretty frightening, to say the least.
    We CAN hope that those in mortal sin will allow Jesus to open the door to their souls (as St. Faustina did indicate) at the last possible moment.
    But that's no place any of us who love the Lord want to be.

  11. Anonymous5:10 PM

    when the time comes, I'm just going to throw myself on the Mercy of the Court.

  12. That 80% figure is beyond depressing. I sincerely hope it's a miscalculation that he is reporting, and NOT an accurate figure.

    Referring to some of the comments, I like to stay away from remarks that imply how many people are going to hell and how many people are there already. I believe in a fallen humanity that is called to be a part of a glorious Mystery that by itself can never reach. That's where Christ the Redeemer comes in. Only he can decide. And if there is ANYTHING that I've learned in my spiritual life is to NEVER assume God will act in this method or that method. No one knows his absolute will. We are subjected to it but never have forehand knowledge of it.

  13. Adrienne - it appears Fr. Z doesn't accept the figures Fellay offers either.

    Nice to hear from you that he's not wrapped tightly - LOL! I forgot you experienced that group first hand.

    All that aside, I'm rather certain I've met a few priests who do not believe in the real presence... or mortal sin.

  14. "Otherwise it is just BS and does nothing more than stir up folks."
    Sara, I totally agree with you that people who are proving points with statistics need to do so in an academically rigorous manner; citing reputable sources, etc.

    Ray and Father, thanks for your comments on the nature of Divine Mercy; that we don't believe in predestination.


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