Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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  1. That is just nasty...ick!
    Maybe for a quilt...but for Mass??
    And, BTW, I'm no finicky lit-nick...I'll wear pretty much what is available...with certain caveats, however:<)!

  2. Resembles the costumes we used to wear in our "Up With People!" shows.

  3. Pretty interesting garb, I'd say. Must be Central America or Africa... so much more color used around people's lives than here.

    What's with all the digging in our 'hood? And what's with your neighbor's loud motorcycle? Has it not a muffler?

  4. Jenn it does look to be inspired from another culture. This is a photo from Los Angeles.

    As for the noise from the neighbor - that is the guy a few doors down - I believe his loud motor cycle may be a cultural thing as well. Annoying it is. We have some different neighbors, don't we? I should do a post. Of course my immediate neighbors think I'm pretty different as well, and as you know, I couldn't be more quiet and nice to live next door to.

    Talk to you later.


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