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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bruder Konrad von Parzham

Capuchin lay brother.
I have always celebrated his feast day on April 20, but it appears I may have been mistaken as I noted online it is celebrated on the 21st.  I guess I will celebrate for two days then.
St. Conrad was a very humble lay-brother/porter at the Capuchin convent of St. Ann in Altötting, home to the shrine of Our Mother of Mercy.  Heaven must be populated with many lay-brothers, New melleray had a holy Brother Conrad too - he died while I was there.  Very holy man.  Sadly, the humble vocation is pretty much lost these days.  In fact humility has pretty much vanished these days as well. 
"This is the one whom I approve: the lowly and afflicted man who trembles at my word." - Isaiah 66:2
Conrad was known to be diligent at his work, sparing in words, bountiful to the poor, eager and ready to receive and help strangers. Brother Conrad fulfilled the task of porter for more than 40 years, assisting the inhabitants of the in their needs of body and soul.
Conrad loved silence in a special way. His spare moments during the day were spent in a nook near the door where it was possible for him to see and adore the Blessed Sacrament. During the night he would deprive himself of several hours of sleep, to devote the time to prayer either in the oratory of the brothers or in the church. It was generally believed that he never took any rest, but continually occupied himself in work and exercises of devotion. On April 21, 1894, Conrad died in the Shrine where he had worked for over 40 years. - Source


  1. "Roza Ferox"2:39 PM

    I love these humble ones. Remind me to embrace the silence and solitude of which God has immersed me. Pain is a great reducer to lowest common denominator.

    Now, out to the gardens with the goal of planting three miniature conifers. Am trying to do a little bit each day, and grateful for little bits.

    I had never heard of Conrad, so thanks.

  2. Brother Conrad's story sounds similar in some ways to that of another lay brother who is a native son of our area, Servant of God Br. Simon VanAckeren, OFM.
    I think that in many religious orders nowadays a distinction is not made between the "lay" and "choir" brothers and sisters.

  3. Sounds like Br. Andre here in Montreal as well.

  4. I love St. Conrad.
    When I asked in prayer, many years ago, what my guardian angel's name was, I got back "Conrad".
    So I join you in my love for the saint for the pesky g.a. that either is keeping me out of trouble or is pestering me about my sins.:<)!

  5. BTW: EWTN had a beautiful show on St. Conrad tonight.
    Bob and Penny Lord did a great job on this humble, saintly lay-brother.
    Check the EWTN schedule to see if it's on again; I can't remember the name of the program but it was on at 8PM tonight.


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