Monday, November 16, 2009

Origin of the species

Kumbaya liturgies.
One morning after vigils, while I was still in the monastery, our Novice Master celebrated an intimate Mass for one of my best friends and brother in the novitiate.  Br. D was preparing to leave the monastery that day and Father felt a private, more casual Mass would be a nice send off - right after vigils.  Father was vested the same as the priest in the photo, and Mass was celebrated on a little table just like what is shown.  The three of us sat around it throughout, in a little speak room of the Guesthouse.  That took place in the summer of 1975.
So once again, I contend this kumbaya style of Mass could not have originated with teen Masses.  Instead, I stand by my assertion that the relaxed-fit Mass was a novelty that gained popularity in and through the Charismatic Renewal.  BTW - Fr. Master also had the gift of tongues.  I know(Yes he did D - he prayed over me in tongues - LOL!  And yes Michael, it was at NM.)
Photo:  Florida priest presiding over teen Mass in 1987.  Yes the priest is a guy.


  1. "Yes the priest is a guy"--Thanks for the clarification.

  2. LeoRufus3:14 PM

    Yes, Terry this is EXACTLY the sort of mass we has at the Newman Center where I attended college. Same sort of vestments on priest with Comb-Over. Yes the fellow students were Charismatics and also went to Assembly of God and Pentecostalist Churches considering them all the same. Lots of "Rapture" discussion mixed with Our lady of Fatima prophecies and garabandal. medjugorje was not quite yet i do not think but lots of everyone getting locutions and prophesying.

    However, I think the Youth Teen Masses have served to infiltrate these innovations into the mainstream to serve "the pastoral needs of the children" thus I see more elderly straight laced folks going for this hand holdy stuff.

    But I do agree with your thesis that the Charismatic "movement" was the source of a lot of this dreck - including some of those awful hymns from the Protestant Churches and protestant styled "Bible Study".


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