Sunday, November 29, 2009

Climate change and going green.

New dogma.
At Mass Father announced that two parishes in the neighborhood are uniting to hold a discussion group on Climate Change and global warming and its impact upon God's creation.  It is after all a part of Catholic social teaching now.  The discussion will focus on the approach to climate change by the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change and the Catholic Bishops' Environmental Justice Program.  I know!
So anyway, I'm not interested in getting involved, and even if I was, I'm quite sure it is going to be a bunch of greenies spreading the climate change gospel. 
As it stands, global warming scientists accuse their opponents of being pseudo scientists, while conspiring together to attack anyone who dares disagree with their studies and theories - which are just that - studies and theories.  Their political adherents are just as bad - if not worse.  Within this privileged group, just those who agree with the Nobel laureate elite, and those who have the proper academic and scientific credentials - i.e. published in the right scientific journals - and only after conforming to the sky is falling principals, are trusted enough to propagate the science. Hence it should be no surprise that any challenge from individuals or groups outside this elite are ridiculed and shamed as right-wing-nut conservative fanatics.
Sometimes I think this whole climate change thing is a rush to world government.  (I know!  But I think a lot of people fear that.)  It is as if Woodstock really did change the world - that the age of Aquarius really has dawned in our new post-Christian age.  The ecology is the religion of the New Age, climate change is the dogma for the New Order.  Wow!  Maybe I'm on to something here?  The media supports this stuff - and doomsday looms if we do nothing...  The movie 2012!!!  Woah!  Ooooooh!  It is prophecy!!!  Nah - that's just a bad trip if you ask me.  Although it really did start with "Woodstock"...
Well, I came upon a child of God
He was walking along the road
And I asked him, Tell me, where are you going?
This he told me

Said, I'm going down to Yasgur's Farm,
Gonna join in a rock and roll band.
Got to get back to the land and set my soul free.

We are stardust, we are golden,
We are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

Well, then can I roam beside you?
I have come to lose the smog,
And I feel myself a cog in somethin' turning.
And maybe it's the time of year,

Yes and maybe it's the time of man.
And I don't know who I am,
But life is for learning. - Joni Mitchell, lyrics to "Woodstock"
I know!

Climate Lies
BTW - I do recycle, use organic products on my lawn, use compact fluorescent in all my lighting, I try not to bathe more than twice a week, and I never go out so as to save gas - well - I drive to the store and church.  I keep the heat at 60 - that is because I'm so hot though.  I try not to clean more than once every 6 months so as not to use up energy.  I feed the wild animals that roam my back yard.  I use green laundry soaps and cleaners - and not very often.  I'm sick of the green BS though, aren't you?


  1. In everything there should be balance. I recycle but it costs me $16 a month. I could be saving that $192 a year and donating to the poor....

  2. Amen. You'll find lots of " women religious" over at LCWR who are VERY concerned about tuna ensnared in nets. And I am NOT kidding!

  3. Thanks for the link, Terry. Did you know that linking to other blogs is also conserving energy?

    I think the Church ought to disassociate itself from the climate change garbage right away, until this whole leaked email stuff is settled. Get back to spreading the Gospel of Truth, and let the liars keep spreading the gospel of lies.

  4. Pshaw. One of the priests at my parish gave a homily not long ago about the false religion of Gaia worship and how no man can serve two masters. He mentioned the ever-growing trend of women who have abortions to "save the planet."
    Tell you what. Pro abort pols stop supporting baby murder and I'll consider their concerns. Until then, no sale.

  5. Oh, and in the "Nothing New Under the Sun" category:
    These Dirt worshipers think they're so hip and jazzy.
    Gaia worship is one of the oldest heresies that will send you to eternal damnation.

  6. That is one scary picture of A.Gore...mommy!
    I agree with your "take" on this ridiculous and insane "theology" of saving the planet. Responsible stewardship is the Catholic way...this other stuff, as others have said, is just pantheism.
    And I, also, use my grocery bags when I go to Aldi's:<)!

  7. Anonymous4:09 PM

    A hearty "Amen!" from me as well. We also recycle and do other "green" things, but I'm totally fed up with this environmental "nazism"... enough already!

  8. "I'm sick of the green BS though, aren't you?" Yeah!
    One of the main things I don't like about the green movement, is that if you don't agree with their science 100%, you are an ignoramus.

  9. I think that meeting in December in Copenhagen is going to be verrrrrry interesting.

    The latest news is accusing the true believers of fraud and deception in creating their statistics and denying "freedom of information" requests so that their opponents can analyze the information.

    Their emails quote them as being terribly frustrated that their numbers don't come out like they want them to. So they fudge them.

    Doesn't sound like fact driven scientists. It's all based in the University of East Anglia in England.

    Even the true believers are saying the East Anglia people should be banned from further work on climate change.

  10. Austringer6:15 PM

    The term that always gets me is "climate change". Of course they have to use that now, as the greenies are concerned that their dire predictions might not be panning out as predicted(I still recall a Minnesota Monthly magazine cover showing a glowing sun over a desert sand dune, featuring an article by weatherman Paul Douglas. Where are my sand dunes???) But what static position is our climate changing from??!! It's always been changing!!!
    How sad to see some clergy latch on to this tripe.

  11. Well said. I am dismayed at the church's involvement politically in the climate change hoax. The left and the media are quick to want the church's support for their agenda as long as they keep their mouths shut on the abortion issues.

  12. Dear Concerned:

    I was exagerating - I actually shower more frequently, I do wash my clothes more frequently, and I definitely vacum and clean on a regular basis - I'm not "letting myself go" as you suggest.

    Yes, all the other green things I do are true - I also cut plastic loops so animals do not get their necks caught in them and strangle.

    Thanks for your concern. ;)


  13. Don't you just hate church people? :-)

    I'd be ticked if you were actually going to volunteer to be with these strangers when I can barely get you to leave the house!

    It's me isn't it?!?


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