Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Former" Board Member of CPCSM?

There yesterday, gone today.
A photo of the woman shown above, along with another sister of St. Joseph, was removed from the About Us page of CPCSM's website - sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning. The women's photos had been posted on the site identifying them as board members for the Catholic Pastoral Committe on Sexual Minorities.
Today I was informed that these women religious are not on the board, although a 2008 PDF of the organization's newsletter lists them as such. The executive coordinator explained in a comment to yesterday's post; "[as] executive coordinator of CPCSM, let me say for the record that there are no members of the CSJ community (or any religious community within the archdiocese) currently serving on the board of CPCSM, the editorial team of the Progressive Catholic Voice, or the board of the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform." Funny stuff at CPCSM? Obviously "currently" is key.
(FYI: As of this morning, the editorial team of Progressive Catholic Voice listed Theresa O'Brien, CSJ as a member. Oh, and the original CPCSM page I saw can be found in Google cache here:
The photo shown above was copied from this site, with the following identification:
Brigid McDonald
Board Member, Hospitality Coordinator
Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities
The following, from Rainbow Spirit, the newsletter of CPCSM dated Spring 2008:
Founded in 1980, the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual
Minorities (CPCSM), is a non-profit (501(c)(3)), grassroots, and
independent coalition. CPCSM is dedicated to promoting
ministry to, with, and on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender (LGBT) persons and their families and friends –
primarily those of a Catholic background.
An integral part of CPCSM’s work is the belief that members of
sexual minorities, by virtue of their struggle to maintain a sense
of personal integrity and authenticity, have unique gifts to offer
the Church and society. We function with the understanding that
one’s sexuality can and must be affirmed as a gift and as an
essential element to be integrated holistically into one’s faith life.
Through justice-making and educational initiatives, CPCSM
seeks to awaken the hearts and attitudes of the public regarding
not only the prejudice, discrimination, and violence faced by
LGBT persons, but also the gifts these same people bring to both
the Catholic community and society.
Board Members
Michael Lee Anderson, FSC
Beverly Barrett
Community Shares Minnesota Liaison
Michael J. Bayly
Executive Coordinator
Rainbow Spirit Editor
Mary Beckfeld
Paul Fleege
Susan Kramp
David J. McCaffrey
Web Site Coordinator
Brigid McDonald, CSJ
Hospitality Coordinator
Mary Lynn Murphy
Tom Murr
Rick Notch
Theresa O’Brien, CSJ
Kathleen Olsen
Rob Peick
Gerry Sell
Obviously the roster has been conveniently updated - overnight.
That said, good for the CSJ's for no longer supporting CPCSM and remaining faithful to the Roman Catholic hierarchy, obediently living in conformity to Roman Catholic doctrine. God bless them.


  1. Terry,

    You clearly have a bee in your bonnet about this.

    I'm not sure what the fuss is all about. Your post of yesterday alerted me to the fact that the board roster on the CPCSM site needed to be updated. Which I asked our webmaster to do. Simple as that.

    As for Theresa O'Brien serving as a member of the PCV editorial team, you must be looking at the old PCV website. For the current list of PCV editorial team members, see here.



  2. I think my eyesight is going in my old age.

    First I see Gore Vidal on your Dominic Dunne post (actually posted after this one but viewed before it).

    Now I thought that lady had a seegar in her hand.

    You are getting dangerously close to my turf, Terry m'Boy.

  3. The list is correct. There never WERE any CSJ's on the board. Think about it.

    St. Joseph is so upset. Seriously, he's up there wondering WTH happened to that order.

  4. Cath - I know how you must feel. I realize you wanted to enter that order but couldn't afford the wardrobe - don't be bitter hon.

  5. Think of all the polyesters that you saved.

  6. Anonymous11:54 AM

    For any doubters among us, click on this google address - the Sisters are there, with photos.

    Brigid McDonald, CSJ
    Board Member and
    Hospitality Coordinator

    Theresa O'Brien, CSJ
    Board Member


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