Monday, March 16, 2009

You shall not bear false witness.

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Last evening I received a comment on one of my posts from a person using the name of a popular blogging-priest. The author phrased the comment in such a manner as to suggest the priest engaged in sinful and disgusting behaviors. I do not know the priest, but I enjoy reading his blog, which is very much esteemed by Catholics. This priest's reputation is impeccable; needless to say I was offended and rather shaken by the comment. I hope the author understands that even if the comment was made in jest, it is nonetheless gravely sinful. The comment amounted to calumny; it was a deliberate attempt to slander the good name of a priest, which is also a sacrilege.
I have been very liberal in allowing comments on my blogs, especially this one, even when they happen be a little burlesque or sarcastic: just as long as the comments were not mean-spirited, impure, malicious, endorsing homosexual behavior, anti-Catholic or anti-clerical, and so on. I'm afraid some of my posts, especially those meant to be humorous, dealing with the eccentricities of 'public' figures, may have contributed to an atmosphere of licentiousness on this blog. (In a sense, as bloggers, we make ourselves public figures when we publicize ourselves online for everyone to see and read). I confess that I have been imprudent.
I must tell you, I am consistently disappointed that a great number of men associated with a certain lifestyle permit themselves to remain attached to vulgarity and profanity, often sexualizing the most morally neutral experiences, while insisting the orientation itself is not disordered. Obviously some are even willing to calumniate the innocent in order to justify themselves.
I respect the diversity of experience of some of the friends I have made on this blog, although you know I disagree with you on key points where you reject Roman Catholic teaching on sexuality. I also know from experience that our human nature, personal experience, as well as the data from contemporary scientific theories, can easily deceive even the most spiritual amongst us. My prayer is that such delusions can be overcome, while in past posts, I have written about my experiences and thoughts on the subject in a vain attempt to disuade others from their error. Such an endeavor is obviously not my gift. Nevertheless, I have to confess that lately I have been repulsed by this issue to such an extent, I no longer care to discuss it, much less post about it.


"Chastity... a mystic virtue… the most superhuman use of sexuality.” - Pier Vittorio Tondelli


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  1. This is one of the things I most admire about you-you welcome reasoned discussion because you KNOW that even if there if there is disagreement about key points of doctrine, nothing will be served by shutting the door.

    I'm convinced that many are seeking-even though they may not know it. Why else would they hang around?


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