Monday, February 23, 2009

The Awards

I watched.
Years ago I worked in fashion - the retail end, specifically presentation and marketing. Yet today some friends find it curious that I continue to follow such things - things to do with fashion, design, advertising, the arts, pop culture and lifestyle. Well I do.
So yeah, I watched the awards. As usual they looked back at other Oscar winners, and I liked the way they used former recipients to award this year's winners, although Al Gore wasn't among them. I thought over-all the presentation was very good - I always miss the comedians however. But Whoopi Goldberg kind of made up for their absence with her leopard dress. (Some women are not meant to wear dresses.)
This year it seems many of the women were all about Halloween-type costumes: Sophia Loren always looks good - but her dress ressembled a costume from Hello Dolly - just a bit too retro. While Sarah Jessica Parker came dressed as Glenda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz - all that was missing was the crown. (I said it first!) Bare shoulders seemed to be the big thing last night - and nearly all who bared them looked like football quarter backs - all shoulders. That's kind of weird, because in years past, it was all about T and A.
Funniest moment? When Steve Martin looked at Tina Fey and said, "Don't fall in love with me." The show needed more humor.
That said, it was a good night for escapism and old fashioned entertainment. Yes, I got most of my picks wrong. The Academy did give it to Sean Penn. What can I say? He and Bill Maher found a stage to express their views; Maher referring to the silly gods people venerate; Penn calling down shame upon religious people who oppose gay marriage. Whatever.

That's entertainment - and little more.


  1. I got beat up for a comment that I made about a dress that I made on this here blog a couple of weeks ago so I will sit this one out.

  2. You ,and Mr.Swain, remember -Mrs. Obamas dress, which I now believe was made from Kevlar, and I am serious. That would explain a lot.

    I hope that Mr.Swain is doing okay after his surgery. Oh, I do hope that your okay now Owen, I have been praying for you.
    Different subject....
    I expect some emotional abuse over on facebook from my husbands family.
    They make me feel like Ma Kettle when they call. I have been dancing around that facebook acceptance button now for about a month .
    The problem is that they will read my blog, and I don't want them too. They are not religious, and I will have to eat meals with these people. They don't like me or think I am funny , just stupid.
    I don't know what to do.
    Imagine the person that dislikes you the most reading your diary.
    Does your family read your blog, your boss, your cats. Are you paying attention?

  3. I'm still trying to figure out who had "work done". I think Sarah Jessica Parker looked a tad, er, enhanced last night.

    I TOTALLY want to wear Heidi Klum's dress on Pentecost? What do you think?

  4. You would look great Cath.
    Belinda, did you get my private response?


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