Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's Domestic National Policy...


  1. Love it.. will keep me laughing all the way to the ballot box.

  2. Do NOT even try and tell me that was not on purpose. Try doing that and you will see that it is not easy to do. Skank!

  3. Yeah. That's the same finger he's giving the unborn.

  4. Awww, Tom, I am so sad to see that your correct.
    Poor babies!!
    God bless our babies, especially the unwanted ones that die alone...... Heartbreaking

    demonic- assholes

  5. Yesterday I worked at the election office as an "ELECTION OFFICIAL!"
    I video taped some of my new friends while we processed voters.
    (We had a great time!!)

    Shhh! ,I know that it's illegal to have had recording devices there, so keep it to yourselves will ya!

    There was some crying at the Discoteque, um, I mean at the election office in the evening.

    I am the ass dancing poorly in the back row, my superviser was the Eagle.Some of our voters were just plain crazy!!

    Terry I am sad about the election results today, can you pass me a
    kleenex..... tell me that I am special , and explain in detail that everything will be okay.

    BTW- My house was trashed, I am considering moving.

  6. Belinda - here is a whole box of kleenix - you are beyond special, and everything will be okay - we just have to go through some very hard times now.


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