Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to blogging...

It has been over a week now that I have been busy making my art and doing household chores. I've stayed offline - my only news came from network television. I have been ignoring politics - even the market. I have been able to think more clearly. The world did not end because I wasn't blogging or reading blogs, or following the political campaigns. I realized I lost my balance... Hopefully I'll be much more simple with what I blog about now - more direct than ever. I'm not looking for approval any longer.
Art: David Ligare


  1. Ter: Hey, I'm the only blogger who can have a mystique in this town! I'm glad you are back, you slacker! You don't see me taking these long breaks, do you?

    Oh, wait, yes, I do.


    I'm glad you are back. I was becoming concerned. I was even going to call you today if there was no word and I know you don't like that! :-)

  2. Thanks Cath! You can call anytime. My email still doesn't work. ;)

  3. I never had the feeling you were looking for's highly overrated anyway...

  4. Glorioski, Andy! If you were looking for approval before, what on earth are you going to be like now? Maybe we should all hide under the bed.


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