Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Oh come on! Just one kiss - it's not going to kill you!" - Basil Faulty

"The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has issued a detailed list of inappropriate behaviors for priests, saying they should not kiss, tickle or wrestle children." - Source
But who would do that anyway? Unless you are Byzantine rite or a traditionalist (they kiss rings and consecrated hands) - or a relative, who would kiss a priest? And what priest in this day and age would ever dare touch a kid? Especially by tickling - that is like torture and wrestling is just gay. But I guess the rules have to be stated in an age without boundaries.
The list includes what is good touch however: "It says priests may still shake children's hands, pat them on the back and give high-fives." I wouldn't even do that.
No more "koochi-koos" for baby either! (This is what happens when lawyers write church policy.)


  1. I found it very sad how the priest scandla has affected us. It is sad how the world can spew sex and violence over the tv and radio for our kids but decent people can't share a hug without it now being vulgar. When the news of the scandal started I was a religious ed. teacher. Our priest would hear our childrens' 1st reconcilliation at a special service where they would go up to him.He would place his stoll over there shoulder and they would whisper their confession in his ear.He was very tender- and this was far from inappropriate. After the news began to run their stories Fr. stopped doing reconcilliation in this way. I found it very sad and told him so.It is sad that in a world full of sex and violence that anything innocent becomes dirty. I know God was doing house cleaning when the people who were guilty were and have been exposed. I hope the Bishops recall their responsibility in it all.
    I have often said to those in our church who have commented on "pedifile priests" and feed into society's bashing of our church. I, for one, have never met one of this kind of priest (and I have known many priests). Most have been truly good people. I hope we can remember that they are people who need us for support. They should be allowed a hug or a kiss, for even Christ in his purity was allowed this.It is a very sick world who has made that which is innocent seem indecent. And that which is indecent acceptable.
    God Bless

  2. I've seen children run from Mass and bowl over our priests as they run to hug them as they would their own Fathers. I've seen a priest I know kiss a child's forehead, in a very chaste and Fatherly fashion, and I've seen priests kiss the cheeks of women as they embraced in a goodbye...as though relatives. The kind of kiss my male cousin would place on my cheek or I on his...nothing sexual about it. Nothing weird.

    It's family. And there IS an appropriate boundary and many times, a cultural thing. In Mexico, men and women greet with a kiss (admittedly...sometimes it was an "air kiss"...lol!)

    And kids LOVE it when people wrestle with them, and I've seen priests I know engage in this type of wrestling...nothing inappropriate. Nothing any of us woudn't do with a child that age and think nothing of it.

    The attack of Satan upon our priests has rendered perfectly human and regular acts as "sexual" and has worked to separate them from their flock.

    I've worked with sex offenders, and kids who have been sexually abused...believe you me, I have a radar for "something wrong". But it's also taught me proper boundaries, and natural behavior. And kids..you can read them. If they're uncomfortable, they wear it on their sleeves, even if a seemingly-innocent act takes place in public.

    Our priests are so under attack...and it's the smallest percentage of perversion that has ruined it for the rest. It is the smallest percentage that has frightened away true Vocations to the Priesthood.

    Young men are not stepping up because doing so means they lose all legitimate human contact even with the vow of celibacy.

    Pray for priests, and Vocations.

    My heart breaks for our priests.


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