Thursday, July 10, 2008

Separated at birth?

Or is this the same person?


  1. Brother Christian! you have revealed my true self, plastered against that truck.

    But in the "before" shot, I'm sort of shocked to see the fake candle on the table. How did that wind up in a Trappist monastery? And who lit it during the day?

  2. DJ thinks it was wicked of me to post these together. The candle was made by Gilbert I think - or Gus - loving hands at home. Didn't they try to sell them in the gift shop? You remember what Merton said - "the greatest penance was living in a monastery with men who had no taste" - or something to that effect... Yeah - so it had to be Gilbert's work. LOL!

  3. Blessed DJ. He is humbler than I am. So are you. All I remember from the gift shop are Fr Pius's relics, and that filthy old stole he put on before he sprinkled holy water. I loved it, and him. Br. Leonard says we should have heard him singing a pontifical high mass. His voice just went all over the place, looking for notes, and missing every single one. He says that Br Joachim was a terrible singer too, and used to hum along with the choir from the lay brothers' pen. "Imagine standing next to a saint and being constantly irritated because he had such a terrible voice!"

  4. Remember you had to give me singing lessons? LOL!

  5. Hah! No, I don't. I do know that Br Leonard stood next to Br Joachim in the lay brothers' choir, and said he was a terrible singer.


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