Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stormy weather.

I think this year is going to be a bad one.


Very bad hail storm last night. The garden looks like a chopped salad bar. Areas in the yard still had accumulated hail this morning.


  1. glad you're alright

    watched some news stuff that showed up on weather channel about storms through your area

    'chopped salad bar' ?

    so throw a party for the starving rabbits at your rabbit hutch

  2. It'll be locusts next....

  3. Wow, your hosta does look like salad! The storm seemed to be all around us, but surprisingly, we got little rain and just a few pieces of pea-sized hail. Skies looked awful to the north, which was the direction my MIL was driving when she left to head back home to northern WI...just as I heard some of the tornado sirens going off in Mpls!

  4. The photo is from the web - but they do look like this.

  5. I'm pretty much straight east of you and we just got rain and sirens.

  6. hmmm .... it is still early in the season ... more blooms to come ... but this came to mind ...

    The Hail-Storm (from the Norse)

    "When form our ships we bounded,
    I heard, with fear astounded,
    The storm of Thorgerd's waking,
    From Northern vapours breaking;
    With flinty masses blended,
    Gigantic hail descended,
    And thick and fiercely rattled
    Against us there embattled.

    To aid the hostile maces,
    It drifted in our faces;
    It drifted, dealing slaughter,
    And blood ran out like water—"

    —George Borrow
    from Romantic Ballads translated form Danish
    Jarrold and Sons, 1913


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