Thursday, March 06, 2008

Looking for authentic religious life?

Desirous of consecrating your life as a sister?

"The Sister of St. Joseph moves always towards profound love of God and love of neighbor without distinction." - from the Consensus Statement of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

We are an order of sisters in the Roman Catholic communion, and consociates of many Christian traditions, in collaboration for mission. Our community was founded in south-central France in 1650, and now includes about 14,000 sisters and associates in 55 countries around the world. There are about 320 sisters and about 100 consociates in the St. Paul Province of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. - SSJ website

The Sisters of St. Joseph Information Night

Thursday March 6, 2008

7:00-9:00 Carondelet Center

1890 Randolph Avenue

St. Paul, MN

For further information, you may call Sister Linda Taylor at 651-690-7063


  1. Note - The original photo was removed at the request of the photographer. It was used without permission and I apologize.

  2. They have a clown ministry....

  3. Angie: I KNOW! ROFLOL!

  4. I think CSC just had a eco weekend. Last night my husband was telling me about a movement to extend Title 9, which from what I understand only dealt with sports, but now people want to extend it to the sciences. And, today where do I hear that it is happening?

    The College of St. Catherine will host "Inclusive Science: Articulating Theory, Practice and Action," June 16-18. The conference...will focus on the intersections of science, gender, race and class, bringing together scholars in the areas of feminist critique of science, critical and liberative pedagogies in science, and those who have expanded their scholarly work to activism in these areas.

  5. Regarding photo No. 2:

    I'd bet that it took "St'r" about three minutes to organize those kids.

    How long and how many people would it take to set up that photo today?

  6. Yeah...I went to their web page today, just to check things out. And they have Lectio Divino, Liturgy of the Hours, and even Adoration listed under "prayer"...but I won't tell you what * else * they call "prayer". It's just disturbing.

    And of course, in the Catholic Spirit today is Mary Gibson's happy smily face as she prepares to become a nun. The kind that makes sense, calls a prayer and prayer and a sin a sin and will wear black and white to prove it!


    Incidentally, I'm watching "Sister Act II" right now...

  7. Well, the contrast between Mary Gibson's life and work as a lay person puts the Sisters of St. Joseph to shame. I'm very happy for Mary Gibson - I have to say I always felt she had a real vocation. God bless her!

  8. I don't know this particular group of Sisters of St. Joseph. But I do know others; and I think we ought not to judge a book by its cover, or a Sister by her habit or lack of it. If one is called to the cloistered life, great and God bless! However there are different ways of living out one's life in service to God. When St. Angela Merici (not sure about the spelling!) founded the Ursulines as a teaching order, that was considered a radical concept; and I'm sure some considered it very heterodox. That said, I don't approve of New Age spirituality, and I realize some nuns have gone off on tangents.

  9. Melody - I understand what you are saying - BUT, in the case of these women religious, I saw the cover, and I opened the book, read the contents, and realized they are pretty much no longer Roman Catholic.

    I am the last person on earth to imagine a person wearing a religious habit is holier than one who doesn't - personally - I do not even like traditional habits except for cloistered religious - and I hate most modern habits. (My personal opinion.)

    Having said that, this group of sisters espouse all sorts of feminist, new age, anti-hierarchal spiritualities, theologies - what have you, which makes them anything but exemplary Roman Catholics.

    Indeed there are different ways of living out one's life in service to God, yet as the Holy Father has been pointing out, established religious orders have an obligation to return to their original charism. That is something the SSJ's and many Ursulines have forsaken - gone off the track, as it were.

    Many of these groups, or members there of, are the ones who pushed for baptisms using the feminist, gender neutral formula that has ended up being declared invalid. (FYI, baptism is essential to salvation.) Don't fool yourself for one minute that this is one of the "different ways of living out one's life in service to God" - unless you are talking about another god.

    I know what you are trying to say - in every decadent order there remain some good sisters, faithful and true to their vocation, or suffering through what is left of their order's religious observance - while the superiors do what they can to formulate a new, more gnostic religious "communion".

    It is complete bull shit.

  10. I'm waiting for the labyrinth and tie-one on the maypole weekend and then I think I'll go sign up!


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