Sunday, March 23, 2008

How I spent my Easter...

After the Easter bunny left.

Holy Saturday I shoveled snow - well, I actually played in it. I did indeed clear the driveway and the sidewalks - I live on a corner, so it is a lot to shovel. I was careful to build up Ice Mountain and partially cover the rabbit house. Then I loaded it with the final bunch of plastic eggs filled with candy. All the candy has been picked up today. (After the snow melts, and the wood dries out, I intend to burn down the rabbit house - they won't need it any longer now that Easter is here.)
Anyway, I took a short nap, got up and prayed for awhile, then I showered and went to the grocery store. It was crowded - kind of. I noticed a lot of women with lists and they were buying things for Easter dinner. I kept running into 3 sisters who were obviously getting together for Easter - and cooking together. They were kind of fighting - the older sister wanted to buy much more bakery than the others. They actually got in my way several times. I smiled at the younger sister - obviously still single, who was very bored with the other two - she knew I knew.
Got home - put away groceries, cleaned up and headed out for the Easter Vigil which began at 7:30 PM. I got there early to spend time in Our Lady's chapel. The vigil went okay, a couple of things mixed up - but it was okay. I liked it. I was happy I went - it was nice to see the baptisms and confirmations - very edifying. I appreciate reverts and converts much better now. I was also happy to see other guys wearing jeans. I almost didn't stay after I saw a few guys in suits. But several husbands showed up in jeans, and so I felt more at home. I don't care what people say - I hate the big emphasis on dressing up. It is perhaps the most unfriendly thing about religious people, that they insist people dress a certain way.
Anyway - I got home, broke my fast with a drink and pizza and went to bed.
Today I got up and watched CBS Sunday Morning - I love that show. Although I can't remember what was on - except for Lenny Kravitz. He's a phony. He's not really a rock person - well he is - but he's total fashion, Madison Ave., a Bergdorf Blondes type of rock star. That's right - he is a phony.
So, then I checked out Drudge and posted a couple of things on the blog - they haven't shown up yet - they were videos and sometimes they don't post immediately. I had a huge breakfast and took another nap. I wanted to go to Walgreen's afterwards but decided against it.
I love going to Walgreen's on holidays - that's weird, isn't it. (Yeah, that's not a question.) It's kind of a lonely guy thing to do. I look at their DVD's, sometimes page through the magazines - sometimes they have really good Musak. Many times I listen to stuff I haven't heard for years. Once they seemed to be playing all Lisa Stansfield's hits - that was fun. The toys area is especially cool, in fact, Walgreen's is where I bought all of my Napoleon Dynamite talking pens. I once bought a princess crown there for my former boss. (I miss her!)
So anyway - I didn't go to Walgreen's because the cats and I decided to pray.
Later I did some more blog stuff and then it was time for 60 Minutes - I love that show. But I'm writing this. Gotta go!


  1. Anonymous10:47 PM


    DON'T BURN DOWN THE RABBIT HOUSE - save it for next year! I love it that you're bringing a sense of HOPE and wonder to the kids in your neighborhood.

    I love your blog. I love your honesty. I went to Walgreens today. I am a revert/convert.

    Splendor in the ordinary!

  2. So you like to go to Walgreen's on holidays? Hmm...never heard that one before:0)

  3. Ter: How much of this post is true?

    Love ya!

  4. I watch CBS Sunday Morning every week (it's my favorite thing on TV!) & saw the piece on Lenny Kravitz, which I thought was fantastic! I love the fact he admitted to being a Christian - believing in Jesus - and stated that for the past 2 years he has committed himself to celibacy. (Well, he's celibate by virtue of being single, so what I really think he meant was chastity). Anyway, he's not having sex with women outside of marriage was his point. He wants to share his faith with a like-minded woman, and that's not something you hear everyday from a rocker, let alone a bloody silver spoon!

  5. Tom - yes.

    Cath - it is all absolutely true - that is what I thought was funny about it.

    Jeron - perhaps I was too hard on Lenny.

    Anon - I will preserve the rabbit house.

  6. I LOVE going to Walgreens. It is one of my rewards for being a good girl and getting my work done. I just hang out, look at all the make-up and other girly stuff, smell the candles, and browse the magazines.

  7. I think you should save the rabbit house, or at least see what you can get for it on e-Bay ;}

    Yep, too hard on Lenny.

    So, Walgreens was your better offer, eh?

  8. Monica - n I didn't make it to Walgreens either. And Adrienne - I'm glad to hear someone else shops Walgreens - they have just about everything, don't they!

  9. Just heard on the View that they are giving away a shopping spree to Walmart. Go to the View's website and enter and you could win the prize of your dreams! Good luck!!

  10. Um, I mean Walgreen's...sorry. Now there's your dream prize Terry, sorry to confuse you with Walmart.


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