Saturday, January 19, 2008

My sincere apologies....

I owe many, many, many people an apology - former friends, family members, former employers and co-workers, even people I really never knew - yet dismissed or looked down upon, blamed for my shortcomings, or simply ignored. I could name all of you, and cite the circumstances, yet it would open many wounds. I cannot accuse myself enough - I was wrong and I have hurt many people, loosing wonderful friends in the process. I can only pray for all of you and beg our Lord never to hold any hard feelings you have towards me against you, since I very much deserve them, and your contempt has helped me realize my sin. I pray for all of you every day and beg God's forgiveness for my sins, and his blessings upon you. If you may be reading this and feel I owe you an apology for something - then this was most definitely written for you - and I am so very sorry.
Peace and love.


  1. What helps me put that contrition into postive action is: _The Hidden Power of Kindness_ by Father Lawrence Lovasik

    It's the gospel, basically, but written as a sort of "guide for dummies" for the journey toward Heaven.

    God bless you, dear Terry!

  2. Powerful, penitent stuff.

  3. Terry, I know I've been outta the picture for a few months, but what the heck are ya talkin' about???? You have nothing to be apologetic for my friend! Your blog is as entertaining as always!

  4. Never enough to love someone dude...That someone has to know they are loved.
    you're proving it every day of your ; and this has to be a profound step on 'striving towards that lazy perfection'.
    Be thankful you are who you are.


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