Saturday, December 08, 2007


"According to St. Thomas, simplicity is attached to the virtue of veracity, which puts truth into speech, gestures, manner of being and of living." (Three Ages of the Interior Life)

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hey - somebody! Please!

Could someone please call Tony Bennett and tell him he can't sing any more?! Sheesh!

Do you realize...

Some of my favorite blogs are the ones I link to in my sidebar? Either on this blog or on Abbey 2 - but many of them do not link to me. Do I complain? No honey, I don't. Do I think nasty thoughts about these people? Yes honey, I do.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Funny nun pictures - then and now...

And now...

Those infamous McDonald Sisters of Corondelet.

"I'll drink to that!"

Was that you St. Nick?

Too busy I guess.

Yeah, St. Nicholas flew right by my house today - I didn't even get a piece of coal. Nothing hurts more than being ignored.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Now this is gay.
Fr. Z has a post on wearing blue for Advent. Yeah - real priests (men) do not wear blue for Advent.
That's all.
[Offline until further notice. Happy St. Nicholas Day!]

'Twas the night before St. Nicholas...

And all the kids were in a pickle...

The End.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tom is a nice guy!

Tom in Vegas tagged me for a meme - 8 things about me... - yeah, whatever. Tom seems really nice and since there are so few male bloggers, I don't want to offend him by not doing this meme. So here goes...

1) I dislike memes.

2) But I like talking about myself - especially if I can do it in a way that makes me appear really thoughtful, literate, and oh so profound. I like that - it is very artsy. (I like to pretend I'm being interviewed by Charlie Rose.)

3) I sing to my cats - sometimes Broadway tunes in falsetto, sometimes rock songs as if they are opera, sometimes opera, as if it is piano bar/lounge singing. And then sometimes I mix it all up - like a re-mix!

4) I deliberately mutter to myself when I'm in upscale grocery stores, giving out-loud-critiques of uppity customers. Oftentimes muttering through clenched teeth, "You dirty bitch" - when someone leaves a cart in the middle of the aisle or something. All in fun of course. (Yes - sometimes I'm over-heard but I get a kick out of that. The people who hear me don't know if I'm in early onset of senility or on a cell phone. I think my laughter after realizing they heard me confuses them even more. Gosh! I just can have fun all by myself!)

5) I love the people I attend Mass with at the "Up With People" church I go to lately. Last Sunday, one guy turned around to ask me what street I lived on - during the consecration - but I answered him with great patience and kindness. (He was just being nice and didn't know better!)

6) I haven't had a haircut in several months, so I do kind of look like the photos I post on this blog. But I'm scheduled for a cut tomorrow afternoon - I hate getting my haircut. (You know, how the stylist looks at you - yeah! I see him in the mirror! Pushing his body against my arm - I hate that!)

7) I really do love my family, and adore my sister. She kinda, sorta understands me - but not as well as she thinks.

8) I really did quit smoking.


9) I would smoke in a minute if I could... yet there is this mysterious restraining force...

I'm supposed to tag others. Okay - you're it!
(Photo: Peggy Guggenheim in Vegas - I mean Venice!)

Spam attack!

I have been inundated with spam lately - it is so bad it is even getting by my filter on Abbey-Roads 2! I wonder what is going on?
Michael - is that you? Are you spamming me?