Saturday, September 01, 2007

Why do you blog?

Cathy wants to know. (I think her stats are down because of the holiday weekend.)

Political art...

These depictions of the Madonna in a burka and bin Laden as Christ have created a new "art controversy" in Australia and across the blogosphere. So I thought I'd post it just to annoy people.

Muslims do venerate the Blessed Virgin, thus the above depiction purported to be of Our Lady may not be so offensive. I'm not at all certain what the artist intended with bin Laden resembling traditional images of Jesus. Bin Laden is no messiah. However, the image of bin Laden did inspire my post on what Jesus may have looked like at Abbey-Roads 2.

Nevertheless, these images, though disrespectful, are simply vapid attempts at political art - no different than the Danish cartoons which caused outrage amongst Muslims several months ago. Blink, and these images are gone too. The images are kitsch, not art.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Wet cigars.

I watched Hillary Clinton on Letterman last night. I definitely don't agree with some of her politics, but she is a likable person - in a one-on-one interview anyway. I'm fairly certain she will be our next President. Letterman asked her what Bill will do? I wonder too.

Sit-coms should only run a couple of seasons.

Short runs are better.

I've always thought that most sit-coms should only run a few seasons, since the writing generally gets so bad after an extensive run. "Seinfeld" was an exception - the writing got better and better - except the finale bombed. Remember "Mad About You"? I loved it until the kid came a long - way to wreck a good show; have a baby. "Friends" got pretty bad after awhile - but since they were my only friends, it was hard to say good-bye. British sit-coms seem to run a few seasons only, such as my favorite classic, "Faulty Towers" - I still watch it on tape. The best sit-coms were short-lived. "Designing Women", "Square Pegs", "Cybil", I better not go on - these are all really old sit-coms.
Anyway, I think blogs are like sit-coms in that respect. I only visit about 7 or 8 blogs regularly, and maybe 3 or 4 daily. That's kind of a lot. I don't really know how many visit my blogs - I have the neo-counter but hate the scrolling so I never wait to see the total. I have SiteMeter, but I've never installed it. Whatever, I don't think I get that many visitors -except when I post about the Legionaries of Christ - I should make each comment I 've received on the Legion a post - hey! that's an idea!
The Internet is a curse however, or is it just the blog that is evil? Since I have started blogging I have lost touch with the real world. I lost interest in my job and quit. I lost touch with family and friends - okay - I was never in touch with them. I hardly go out to social functions - okay - that is all the same as well. I know - I don't watch TV like I used to do. Of course TV sucks because they cancelled all the good sitcoms. Anyway - I've lost my life to blogging!
I read too much news on line and miss the TV news where hardly anything is ever reported. But it was nice, it limited my scope and formed my opinion. I was so much more open to the idea of say, war with Iraq and nuking Iran. Oh, that's right, National News doesn't carry the nuke Iran story - yet. But you know what I mean.
As far as Catholic stuff goes, I was pretty darn happy not knowing about all the liturgical abuses and other crap that goes on in the Church. When you blog and surf other sites, you find out about accusations of bishops pilfering money (Bp. Pilla), or getting beat up in a domestic situation (Bp. Pellote), or some priest running around the neighborhood naked.
Speaking of gay, I don't think for a minute that Senator Craig is gay. Why can't we take a man at his word? He told us he isn't gay. He should have simply told the press, (ala George Michael's "this is what gay people do!") "Get over it, this is what bi-sexuals do!" Doesn't the "B" in GLBT stand for bi-sexual? And shouldn't GLBT people and their supporters be coming to Craig's defense? That includes Republican and Democrat politicians. Talk about hypocrisy. (Again, LOL!)
I'm burnt out on the gay thing though. And all of the Church weirdness gets old too. Especially the coffee and donuts non-issues; like talking in Church, what people are wearing, leaving Mass early, Communion in the hand, altar girls, female ushers, big bosom-ed cantors, etc.. And I can't stay interested in all that ordinary versus extraordinary stuff, who agrees or disagrees. I better stop with that subject however - some people have devoted their lives and blogs - in some cases they seem to be synonymous- to these issues.
It seems my writing has become more labored and cautious however. When I first started out, I just wrote whatever I thought about. I was much freer. After a year and a half of writing - which I've made a creative substitute for painting I guess (LOL!) - I feel more restrained - nay, restricted. I don't like that. I'm always worried about getting people upset - you know, some of the church ladies - male or female.
Once again, I'm thinking about cutting back or even quitting the blog. Although, on Abbey 2 there is a calendar of days which shows the dates I don't post. I'm kind of OCD about that - I hate it when a day shows up that I missed a post - it's like a time clock thing in a way - so I almost feel compelled to post something each day. (That's okay though, Adoro.) I don't know what I'll end up doing. Probably posting this will occasion a flurry of posts - a veritable renaissance. Every time I think of quitting, it seems I come up with stuff I want to post. So maybe this complaint will get me out of my slump.
For a long time I've always wanted to do a post on the costumes worn by certain organizations of Catholic knights - you know, capes and berets that are wrinkled and smell like mothballs, or marabou feathers that are grungy and dirty. I have a friend who is a Marist priest, and one time while we were visiting, as I was walking around his room looking at things, I picked up a huge blue satin skull cap. He collected art and antiquities, so naturally I thought it was something from a bygone era. Laughing I asked, "What is this?" Somewhat defensively, he replied, "That is part of our habit." On second thought, I better not make fun of what people wear.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Princess Diana

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of her death. I have been told Mother Teresa was very fond of her.

Monastic choir stalls...

"The Rivers Of Belief"

Take me back to the rivers of belief...
Take me back to the rivers of belief,
my friend I look inside my heart,
I look inside my soul...
I promise you
I will return
- And when the Lamb opened the seventh seal,
silence covered the sky...
Take me back to the rivers of belief...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trans-sexual-orientation? (I made that up.)

"Im so sick of this gay bullshit!"

My mother used to say things like that when she was tired of being nice. Like on my birthday, after the presents were opened and the cake was eaten, and I'd ask for another piece or something. She'd shout, exasperated because she had already been so indulgent, "I'm so sick of this birthday bullshit!" (Even back then I thought it was funny - although she had been serious.)

Anyway, I am tired of it, but I found the following article online, a report on how gay activists attacked a group of former gay people at a State Fair. Kind of interesting from a politically-correct = double standard point of view:

ARLINGTON, Virginia, August. 28, 2007 ( - Angry homosexual activists harassed and assaulted ex-homosexuals at the Arlington County Fair last week, according to an ex-gay educational and support group.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) reports its volunteers were distributing education materials on same-sex attraction and awareness of ex-homosexuals at their fair booth. Homosexual activists approached them and created a disturbance, spewing obscenities and dashing materials from the exhibit table. The group demanded that PFOX leave the fairgrounds, recognize "same-sex spouses" and rejected arguments that homosexuals could change their sexual orientation although they admitted they knew heterosexuals who had done the same. - LifeSiteNews

The article points out an interesting notion. Gay people will admit that a hetero can change and choose to become a homo - yet the reverse is anathema to their creed. How intolerant is that? (I never thought of it like that before though, a hetero becoming a homo, but it happens. I think they usually say they "realized" they were gay.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Toe-tapping Music in the Toilet...

And waving at the guy next door...
U.S. Senator Larry Craig obviously heard about Minnesota nice and was just being friendly while sitting on the john at the MPLS/St. Paul airport. Clearly misunderstood, he was arrested for indecent conduct. Can't a man just do his business in the toilet? What's wrong with tapping your foot and snuggling it close to the man in the stall next to you? It gets lonely in the men's room - so a little wave under the stall, can't a fellow just be neighborly? Sheesh!
Did you read my post from the other day about what gay sex is all about? I had guys who worked for me at a local department store, fired from their jobs for being neighborly in the stalls of the men's room at the store. It isn't just closeted married men who do the tea room thing - it's a gay thing.
Larry's political career may be over, but he wasn't actually caught in a sexual act - so he will get off - no pun intended. What the incident does however, is raise the awareness of what gays actually do - often in public like this.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Blog comments...

It's a neighborly day in this beautywood!

You people know I normally don't go back and check if you responded to my comments after I have placed them on your blog don't you? (Well, at Cathy and Angie's site I sometimes do - just because they are so darn funny. Cathy has moderation on though, so she sometimes will not post my comments. Should I feel bad? No, I really don't.)

The Crusaders...

(I loved that group - "The Crusaders" - with Randy Crawford of course.) Cathy has a good post on some local crusaders who go to dissident parishes and quietly pray the Rosary for truth. She has posted a schedule of where they will be.
I remember years ago, I used to bunch my Rosary in my hand as I prayed it so that people wouldn't notice. That is because the Rosary was considered old fashioned and people labeled you as a "Wanderer type" or "pre-Vatican II" if you prayed the Rosary and wore a scapular. That was the '70's - an era of flaming liberalism and charismatic prayer groups. Even the monks of my monastery looked down on the Rosary. Now I don't care if people see the beads.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The roar of the crowd...

A little Sunday morning kvetching.
Church was a tad obnoxious this morning. Sunday Mass is like a carnival at my local parish. I know I'm at risk of sounding too protestant - as Don Marco would say - but "I" don't like going to Sunday Mass at my local parish. "I" don't like the way Mass is CELEBRATED there - I emphasize celebrated because that is what the get together seems to be all about - and only about - celebrating.
I'm not at all a dour, crabby, grumpy old man - except after I leave a Mass like that. I'm not kidding when I tell you it was a roar of people talking and laughing as they filed into Church, knocking kneelers down, waving to everyone, shouting across the Church their comments on what their friend is wearing - "Cute top!" Then the piano bar breaks into a chorus and Father hastens down the aisle with his entourage, only to get into the sanctuary to ask us all to sit down for a minute while he does his warm-up.
Where the hell does this come from? He acts like a talk show host, warming up the audience, asking where people are from, pointing out who has an anniversary, throwing in a joke here and there. Then the penitential rite begins. Oops! I forgot, after the entrance song, we all had to introduce ourselves - more roars and laughter - then the warm-up took place. (I looked at this old lady in front of me, she just shrugged her shoulders and we both laughed out loud.)
Everything settles down until the time for the Liturgy of the Word. It is then that the little kids are called forward to go elsewhere for their own liturgy of the word, with song and every one's hand raised in a sending forth prayer made up by the liturgist. (Where'd this come from?) Then the real Liturgy of the Word takes place. After that - until the sign of peace - everything is more or less normal. Then the sign of peace - which is chaos. (I forgot, some idiot's 3 year old little girl was wandering around the sanctuary looking at the flowers while Father was giving the homily.)
Before the final blessing, we have to sit down again and go through the up-with-people novelty thing again. This time, those who are new, going for surgery, celebrating birthdays-anniversaries, what have you, each and every individual with some need or event in his life is supposed to stand up. The rest of the congregation holds up their hands with outstretched arms to pray over these people, with another prayer in song - composed by the liturgist. (Schmaltz-o-rama!) After the final blessing, all hell breaks loose - it is like a riot after a sports event.
Some Sundays I walk out of Church and think, "What the hell was that?"
Come on now - Celebrate!
Celebrate good times,come on! (Let's celebrate)
Celebrate good times, come on! (Let's celebrate)
There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you
Come on now
Let's all celebrate and have a good time
We gonna celebrate and have a good time
It's time to come together
It's up to you, what's your pleasure...
-Cool and the Gang.