Saturday, July 07, 2007

Has anyone seen these people?

Does anyone in Britain know my friends Pam and Tom Barbour? If you do, will you tell them about my blogs? I haven't written to them in about 5 years.
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Gina Barthel? I haven't heard from her in about 3 years, and I was her best friend. (She may be still mad at me because I didn't like the habits the Sisters of Life wear.)
Does anyone know Nora Turchi? We were friends when I lived in Boston, I'd love t know what happened to her.
How about Jon Lovitz? He is no longer doing the Subway ads.
Finally, has anyone ever seen Janice LaDuke and what she wears to Mass on such a hot day?
(The first 3 questions are serious.)

Catholic and Hip

It's happenin' - at the Block Party.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Some thoughts on peace...

When the missles go up.
"When the missiles go up
who cares where they come down.
"Not my department," says Verner von Braun." -Tom Lehrer
The economics of war.
"The theology of violence must not lose sight of the real problem which is not the individual with a revolver [or a bomb tied to him] but death and even genocide as big business. But this big business of death is all the more innocent and effective because it involves a long chain of individuals, each of whom can feel himself absolved from responsibility, and each of whom can perhaps salve his conscience by contributing with a more meticulous efficiency to his part in the massive operation." -Thomas Merton
Not my department.
"In a country where half of the government's traceable use of tax money goes to war, and in a society that sells more arms to the world than all 51 of the other arms-exporting countries combined, and in a culture where 80% of the people designate themselves "Christian," tens of millions of Christians beyond the Christian Verner von Braun are saying daily to themselves and to God, "Not my department." And of course, as has been the case, almost always in Constantinian Christianity, its non-profit bishops, priests and ministers teach as Gospel truth, explicitly or implicitly by their behavior or silence, the Theology of "Not My Department."
The Beatification of Franz Jagerstatter, the lone Catholic layman to refuse to participate in Hitler's military, is an explicit repudiation by this Pope, at least for Catholics and their bishops, priests, chaplains and laity, of the Theology of "Not My Department." Hopefully the leaders of other Churches will, in their way, denounce this corrupt Theology of "Not My Department."
Verner von Braun or Franz Jagerstatter-given the choice which of these two men would the average Christian today prefer to be? And why? Which of these two men does the average Christian most closely resemble in a world where the biggest business on the planet is the for-profit technological destruction of human beings? And why?" -Rev.Emmanuel Charles McCarthy
(Thanks to my Hutterite brother and friend for these provocative thoughts.)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Dangers of Excessive Tanning

Photo: A former co-worker (Irish and Norwegian extraction), who recently turned 50, showing the damage excessive tanning can do.
On a more serious note: Read this about a woman who died of cancer, after tanning in a sun bed, twice a day for 7 years.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The obscenity of political campaigns...

The 4th of July.
It is all about money, isn't it? Obama raking in $32 million - the others following suit, taking in millions. (Obviously $32 million isn't worth much anymore.) Everyone campaigning a year or two before the conventions. How do they get their work done at their regular jobs? What do constituents think when their elected officials are out campaigning and not doing the jobs they were elected to do? And for that matter - why is Nancy Peolosi running all over the world? She's not the President.
It is Independence Day in the United States. The country is at war, our soldiers are dying, then there is that abortion thing, and the politicians are on self-promotional tours.

I just can't get excited about the 4th. I don't feel very patriotic. Sometimes I think the 4th should be declared a National day of prayer and penance.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Diana, Princess of Wales

It is Diana's 46th birthday today - gosh - she would still be young. Shown here with Mother Teresa, it is said they were very fond of one another.

Sunday afternoon stuff...

Today, a friend wanted to know if I would like to join her on a trip to Target - of course I said no - it's horrible to shop with women - Sunday or no Sunday. Although I did explain to her I try not to shop on Sundays - especially now that I'm not working and can go during the week. She isn't a practicing anything, so it doesn't matter to her - the Lord's day or not. She said everyone shops on Sunday, it's recreational shopping. I explained picking up necessities at a grocery store may be one thing, but that I felt Christians really ought not to be shopping on Sundays - she called me old fashioned.

I asked her, since she was going, if she'd look for a nice pair of longer cargo shorts for me that I could wear to Mass.

(Photo: Not me.)

de blog

I was talking to someone yesterday - someone very important - who had this to say about weblogs and those who write them:
1) Weblogs are often an exercise in vanity.
2) Ideas and opinions are expressed which mean little or nothing to anyone except the writers and the few who comment.
3) The writing usually lacks depth, is anecdotal, and little more substantive than sound bites on the news.
4) The Internet is addictive and full of hot air - a diversion like television is or was for most people. It is a waste of one's time...often leading a person to neglect one's duties - perhaps even prayer and good works.
5) People seem to broadcast everything about themselves, even intimate details about their lives, as if it is the "Jerry Springer" show.
I got the impression he didn't think much of weblogs or bloggers - nor the Internet.
(Photo: The gossip columnist, Louella Parsons)