Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paris Hilton Photos!

Yes, it is the Paris Hilton, not far from the Eiffel Tower.

(Photo: Courtesy Paris Daily Photo.)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Big News Today!

The Motu Proprio has been signed - EVERYONE is talking about it!!!!! Even Amy - oh! I'm choking with excitement! I'm ecstatic! I'm verklempft!
In the words of my dear friend Jon Lovitz, "Well slap my butt and call me Gladys!"
I keep thinking, what if there have been other things actually going on besides waiting for the MP? After it is released, what will people post about? Oh yeah - the reactions. Ooooooo! Then the knives will come out.
Wow! I just got the strangest deja vu - like this has happened before - this entire post - everything!

Cathy is not at work today...

She's just at home, wait'n' for the photographer...then some weekend guests will be by...and it'll be a bumpy night from there.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Mask

I've always liked Joan Rivers - her comedy - kind of mean sometimes, but she was funny. I saw her on TV this morning. She looked as if she was wearing a mask. Her face appeared paralyzed, with little or no muscle movement, no expression except for what you see above, and she kind of spoke as if she may have had stroke. It was weird.
She's never hidden the fact that she has been a plastic-surgery junkie, which is fine when you have too much money I guess, not to diminish those souls who genuinely need cosmetic surgery however. In Joan's case, as with Michael Jackson, the end result is pretty freaky.
An interesting note however, she related how she loves the Catholic religion, grew up with Catholics and went to Mass with her girlfriends, feeling left out when she couldn't go into the confessional as they did.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Appropriate attire in Church

Well here is another one for the fashion police who insist upon proper clothing for Church. Now they are saying swimsuits cannot be worn into the Holy House at Ephesus in Turkey. Tourists have been visiting the sanctuary in swimsuits - I thought women had to be covered in Islamic countries anyway? The story here.
(Photo: Muslim women's swimwear. The article I reference refers to women in western swimwear.)

Monday, June 11, 2007

The new, practicing Catholic, Kate Millet

Photo above: No that is not Ms. Nicolosi at left, it is the feminist-author, Kate Millet. Ms. Nicolosi is in the lower photo.

Barbara Nicolosi

It is no secret to people who know me that Barbara Nicolosi (Church of the Masses), at times, annoys the hell out of me. For several reasons that I do not need to go into here. However, one of the things that really bugs me about the woman is how she continually gets her jibes in about the baby-boomer generation - the generation without which, she would still be searching for a nunnery where she might fit in, or settling for a job, teaching physical education and drama at an all girls school. In other words, if it hadn't been for the feminists of the baby-boomer generation she wouldn't have a chance in hell of working in Hollywood. (Although she may have gotten a clerical position; proof reading, file clerk, secretary.)
Indeed, she reminds me of the '70's feminist, Kate Millet - in looks and attitude that is. Like it or not ladies, you are only where you are today because of the baby-boomer feminists - whom you so love to hate. Indeed, Hollywood women, pro-life Catholic or not, have to acknowledge women such as Kate Millett, author of Sexual Politics (1970).
Although not technically a baby-boomer (born in St. Paul, MN in 1934), Ms. Millet broke ground and criticised the power relationships and traditionally sexist roles which typified women in film. She lobbied for a more positive representation of women, along with promoting a sympathy towards women’s issues. Thus paving the way for baby-boomer women to experience a new freedom, approaching equality, in Hollywood, as elsewhere in politics, business, and public service. Her work became a proactive force to extend women’s involvement and contribution to art and politics. It was women like Kate Millet who paved the way for neo-con, arrogant Catholic women such as Ms. Nicolosi.

Oh, BTW, I wasn't a fan of Kate Millet either.

ROFLMAO! - Oh, she did!

Gerald has a very funny post on a recent German Lutheran Convention focused upon "Luve" as Oprah might pronounce it. You have to read it. (Actually, I don't think Gerald meant it to be a funny post.)

Cafeteria is Closed has returned to what Gerald does best, reporting and commentary, he won me back with his wonderful photos from his European trip. I've noticed he is frequently picked up by other news agencies, most recently, a German news source.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

There's a place for him, somewhere, a place for him.

President Bush and that approval rating thing.


Throngs of people grasped Bush's hands, arms and fingers on the streets of Fushe Kruje, a small town near the airport where he stopped to chat in a cafe with business owners. Unused to such adoring crowds in America, Bush reveled in the attention. He kissed women on the cheek, posed for pictures and signed autographs. Someone reached out and rubbed his gray hair, crying, "Bushie! Bushie!"

At home, Bush's job approval rating stands at its all-time low. But here, Prime Minister Sali Berisha said Bush was Albania's "greatest and most distinguished guest we have ever had in all times." - Bush receives hero's welcome in Albania.

That's nice.

No new blog...

Changed my mind - no new blog - I can do everything from here.

#1 in a series: Women Who Paved the Way!

Photo: The late Hollywood actress Sandra Dee, while in Rome studying at the Angelicum.

Ms. Dee's breakout role in movies had been playing the title role of "Gidget" and "Tammy" in "Tammy And The Doctor" - a role she beat out Debbie Reynolds for. She was one of the first women ever to study at the Angelicum in Rome. Afterwards, returning to Hollywood she starred with Troy Donahue in the sizzler, "A Summer Place".

In an early 1970's interview with Barbara Walters, Ms. Dee was asked why she took time out from her film career to study at the Angelicum. Sandra Dee stated, "I wanted to be taken seriously by priests."

In her memory I reprint here the complicated lyrics from "Tammy" - the movie's theme song:

I hear the cottonwoods whisp'rin' above

Tammy! Tammy! Tammy's in love!

The ole hootie owl hootie-hoo's to the dove

Tammy! Tammy! Tammy's in love!

Does my darling feel what I feel

When he comes near?

My heart beats so joyfully

You'd think that he could hear!

Wish I knew if he knew what I'm dreaming of!

Tammy! Tammy! Tammy's in love!

Popular music from the 1950's was so intense!