Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tom is a nice guy!

Tom in Vegas tagged me for a meme - 8 things about me... - yeah, whatever. Tom seems really nice and since there are so few male bloggers, I don't want to offend him by not doing this meme. So here goes...

1) I dislike memes.

2) But I like talking about myself - especially if I can do it in a way that makes me appear really thoughtful, literate, and oh so profound. I like that - it is very artsy. (I like to pretend I'm being interviewed by Charlie Rose.)

3) I sing to my cats - sometimes Broadway tunes in falsetto, sometimes rock songs as if they are opera, sometimes opera, as if it is piano bar/lounge singing. And then sometimes I mix it all up - like a re-mix!

4) I deliberately mutter to myself when I'm in upscale grocery stores, giving out-loud-critiques of uppity customers. Oftentimes muttering through clenched teeth, "You dirty bitch" - when someone leaves a cart in the middle of the aisle or something. All in fun of course. (Yes - sometimes I'm over-heard but I get a kick out of that. The people who hear me don't know if I'm in early onset of senility or on a cell phone. I think my laughter after realizing they heard me confuses them even more. Gosh! I just can have fun all by myself!)

5) I love the people I attend Mass with at the "Up With People" church I go to lately. Last Sunday, one guy turned around to ask me what street I lived on - during the consecration - but I answered him with great patience and kindness. (He was just being nice and didn't know better!)

6) I haven't had a haircut in several months, so I do kind of look like the photos I post on this blog. But I'm scheduled for a cut tomorrow afternoon - I hate getting my haircut. (You know, how the stylist looks at you - yeah! I see him in the mirror! Pushing his body against my arm - I hate that!)

7) I really do love my family, and adore my sister. She kinda, sorta understands me - but not as well as she thinks.

8) I really did quit smoking.


9) I would smoke in a minute if I could... yet there is this mysterious restraining force...

I'm supposed to tag others. Okay - you're it!
(Photo: Peggy Guggenheim in Vegas - I mean Venice!)


  1. Ter, oh, Ter.

    Gosh, I have to do this meme too. Remind me, would you? But, after answers like yours, what's the point? I can't possibly sound as schizo as you.

  2. But Cath - Hon! I think you could.

    LOL! Is this so funny or what?! And it is true. (Oh! You knew that!)

  3. Terry-

    I must admit that I too afflict me pets with my singing! But talking to myself at the groceires...well, you're ahead of me on that one. LOL!

    Thanks for participating:0)

    God bless you,

  4. swissmiss7:59 AM

    I can relate to some of these, except the smoking. Congrats on remaining smoke-free!

  5. Terry, I think my mom has a crush on you.

  6. Gosh Terry - I used to just wonder if you were nuts - now I know for sure ;)

  7. Elena - It must be because of my profile photo.

    Tom - I don't really talk to myself - I talk - but I only happen to be by myself... Cathy understands. LOL!

  8. I keep checking to see if you have revealed what the "mysterious restraining force" is that has kept and is keeping the desire to smoke at bay---but no one has asked, so I will---can and or/will you name what it is?
    ps Cathy I shall be looking for your meme and I expect it to rival Terry's. :>

  9. Please, please, please, for the Love of God (and humanity)-- do one of those audio links -- I need to hear you sing "Va Pensiero" from Nabucco "piano- bar style"

  10. Ter: Regarding Richie's comment, if you've ever loved me at all, please don't. God bless you. But, please do your version of "One More for my Baby", you know, I love it when you sing that at Nye's. Thanks.

    Yes, I understand about the talking to yourself. I say I talk to my cats to cover my insanity.

    sf: Mine is up! I still think Ter's is better.


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